Buckets 0f fun


Welcome to this year’s Field Day of the Past post! We decided to go kinda last minute, but I’m glad we did cause it was a wonderful time as per usual. This was back when it was like 100 degrees too (hence the summery clothes). Very thankful, looking back, that it isn’t that warm out anymore…

Cows & chows

Of course we spent most of our time at this lil fair with the big bovines ^ but we also got some lovely food & drinks. The cows were super sweet, and they had a bunch of different ones- including our favorite Zebu babies! After walking the whole area, you know we had to stay hydrated in the heat! Between the giant lemonade, the flavored shaved ice, and the free water at the church- we were covered. Justin also got a seafood poboy at one of the many food trucks/stalls that was a bit overpriced, but he loved it lol

I didn’t get a good photo of it, but to keep my hair off me in the sweaty weather- I put it into two French braids and then just clipped them behind my head. It worked out well to not be as heavy as a single braid. Then I wore my denim bucket hat to keep the sun out of my eyes instead of switching between regular glasses & sunglasses all day. The white tank was a smart choice cause if you haven’t got the hint yet: it was hot AF that day! I can’t say enough how awesome the Teva sandals are. If you’re looking for an open-toed show you can wear literally all day without having your feet hurt…this is it. The padding/arch in the sole is perfect for keeping comfy for hours on end! But that’s the low-down on my outfit.

I got my PRP yesterday! It took a while to get all the blood they needed out of my arm vein (30mL), but after that it was relatively quick. She split one kit, which is $750, and managed to inject 3 spots on each shoulder. I was VERY sore the whole rest of the day. So big thank you to Justin for taking care of me when I’m incapable of pulling my own pants down to pee. Today, I’ve gotta work a short shift in the afternoon, but I’m nursing the Tylenol bottle to get me through. I can’t take any of my Rx pain meds for at least 2 weeks, so the longer work shifts are looking impossible at this point. But I’m hoping they won’t be as sore, the more time passes and the more I use them- still sparingly/carefully. I do have to take vitamin c 3 times a day & collagen type 2, and then after 2 weeks I’ll be taking omega 3 & hyaluronic acid as daily supplements to pair with the PRP treatment. I’m much more hopeful after getting it done yesterday that this will finally be a real solution & healing answer to my shoulder tendinitis. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed the photos from a few weeks ago & I’ll see you at the end of this week for another post! Thanks again for reading & all your supportive comments (:

3 thoughts on “Buckets 0f fun

  1. 100 degrees?! No thanks from me, haha – and they even had the nerve to put some pumpkins on display. xD Looks like you two had fun! That lemonade looks delicious šŸ™‚

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