Autumn in T0ky0


Marzia’s fall quarter box has arrived! Sadly, I saw on her website that the next box (winter) will be the final for her subscription service. But I’ll be there until the end & sharing it all with you! Let’s jump into the second to last box…

Yellow for me

This box arrived a day or two before my birthday & it’s yellow, my favorite color! The perfect box for ME ^ opening it up, there’s a bunch of goodies to try out…

More yellow

Unfortunately, I can’t find the name of the artist whose creations were included in this box, but I think they’re my fave so far! The beanie & pin pair so well together, and the prints are definitely the prettiest of all the past collabs…might even display them in the spare room somewhere or above my dresser- will update! Living for all the yellow though (:

Skincare galore

Of course, she included a bunch of fun skincare products ^ and unfortunately, since I’m now on a prescription regimen- I won’t be able to try most of these for a while. I did use some of the acne patches when I first got the box, and I may be able to get away with testing the sheet & green tea masks…but as for the ampule items, it’s better safe than sorry. I’ll stow them for now & maybe try them out at the beginning of 2020 (hoping my skin has cleared fully by then). I was excited to receive more Fresh products. I’ve been using the lip balm practically daily, but I was advised not to use any kind of facial exfoliators while using the Rx topicals: so another not just yet for the cleanser!

Beanie try-on

Popped this cutie on right after work, so I’m looking a bit rough ^ but I adore the style! Can’t wait to bundle up with this in the upcoming weeks/months…

Shoulder update: I finally got the PRP! Took them forever to draw 30mL of blood from my thin lil arm vein. After spinning/concentrating it, the doc injected it straight into my shoulder muscles- 3 spots on each side. It wasn’t as painful as much as a very weird feeling. Afterwards, I felt okay for about a half hour while the numbing was still active…but once it wore off, I was super sore and couldn’t really move my arms much at all. I had to pick up a bunch of new vitamin supplements for the recovery & it was advised I not take any anti-inflammatory meds (or ice) for the first 2 weeks which has really been tough. I thought I was gonna have to be out of work cause they couldn’t accommodate to me shortening some of my future shifts, but the doc somehow got them to fix my schedule for the rest of this week & next week. So I can do about 25% of my job and half of that I have to get on a stool for so I’m not over-stretching my shoulders. I paid $750 out of pocket to get this therapy done, I’m not going to risk ruining the healing that’s happening by reaching up higher than I should be (or that’s comfortable). Without the pain meds, I can work about 5 hours/day before it starts becoming unbearable to do even the smaller tasks. So hopefully after the 2 week recovery period, I’ll be all healed and good as new! Thank you all for your kind words & support as I’ve been going through this. Y’all are truly the sweetest (: have a great weekend xo

3 thoughts on “Autumn in T0ky0

  1. Everything about Marzia’s subscription boxes are adorable and wonderful! I love everything about this one, especially the beanie. 😀 ❤
    On a different note, I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder! How's it doing now? I hope you've recovered ❤

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    1. Agreed! So sad that the winter box will be the last of the subscription ): and my shoulders are doing better after getting the PRP treatment & recovering from that. They definitely still hurt if I do too much, so I’m just trying to take things easier in general ❤ thanks for asking

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      1. Yeah it is. They’re awesome!
        That’s really good to hear ❤ Hope things keep getting better and better! You're welcome 🙂

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