Ipsy f0r Oct0ber


Can’t believe the end of October is sneaking up so fast! I literally just did the final reviews last night lol I tried the makeup on, took pictures, then removed it…so if I look crazy exhausted- that’s why! Come take a peek in my Ipsy bag (:

This month’s bag

Starting in October, Ipsy introduced its new look ^ they’re apparently upping their game by offering a step above their already bigger & better “Glam Bag Plus” and now the standard bag is $12 (but I bought my subscription for a whole year at the original price). So they changed the bag they ship in, which I think is really nice. This month’s actual bag is Betty Boop! They did an entire collaboration which was available on sale via the Ipsy app. I love the texture on the back of the bag and the cute “B” zipper. Also, it’s cool when they make the branding subtle- as it is only on the inside HERE ^ glad they aren’t afraid to make the inner lining a different color than hot pink if it’s to match the style of the bag!


It’s my birthday month, so I treated myself to a $3 and a $12 add-on to my Ipsy bag ^ I saw I wouldn’t be receiving the Betty Boop eyeliner, so I instantly added that. Then also wanted to try this teeth-whitening pen. I use a gel after I brush, but I wanted a little extra help & I despise those stick-on strips. Here are my thoughts on each…

Betty Boop x Ipsy drawn to you eyeliner

This was the $3 add-on and I’m so glad I picked it! It’s seemingly hard for me to find a good liquid liner *on my own* but Ipsy comes through for me. It’s super pigmented/liquidy not to mention easy to apply & remove. I will 100% be using this again, and now that I have some eyeshadow palettes I genuinely like to use- I’m excited to see how it goes over those.

Rating: 5/5

Moon Oral Care Kendall Jenner teeth whitening pen in vanilla mint

This was the $12 add-on and I looked up how much it costs normally (in case I really liked it and wanted to get it again- I didn’t wanna fall in love with an expensive product)…it’s only $19 at Target, so not bad! Easy to follow directions & application, but I found it personally difficult to find the right time to use it as you can’t eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after and I’m always eating. It still leaves a bit of a gooey film on the teeth even after the 30 seconds you have to wait before closing your mouth, but not nearly as annoying as the strips would. I don’t think I’ve tried it enough times to see if it’s doing much, but I’ll keep you guys updated!

Rating: 3/5

Ipsy’s picks for me

Along with the aforementioned changes, they’re letting you choose your 5th bag item each month! I decided to let them surprise me cause I didn’t know what the other items would be (and I didn’t wanna get 2 lipsticks or something), but depending on which things are listed in the future months- I may decide to give that feature a go! Obviously, I’ll let you know when I do (:

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! lengthening mascara in jet black

I just got a brow product from Benefit last month and gave it the lowest rating, so I’m not sure why they wanna push more on me…but it’s an eye item this time, so we’ll see!

After testing it last night, my thoughts:

The formula is fine, just like any other mascara. But idk if anyone else who’s tried this has noticed how sharp/stabby the bristles are on the applicator brush! Like, I only used it on my eyelashes (obv) and it still kind of hurt to put on…at least it isn’t a brow product though lol pretty easy to remove too. I’d say on par with other mini mascaras I’ve tried from Ipsy before.

Rating: 3/5

Aphrodite Skin Care olive oil deep cleansing mask

This is exactly what I needed right now! You’ll see me mention it again with another item I received, but I can’t use too many skincare products right now as I’m currently on an Rx regimen. But masks don’t really count, especially when they’re cleansing. The type of acne I’m fighting actually needs a bit of added oil to make it go away (like my skin doesn’t have enough good oil, so my skin is making its own which is the bad kind). I saw other people’s reviews on this saying it helped clear their skin, so if I see a real change- maybe I’ll buy the full size!

My thoughts:

It smells really nice, applied easily, and was simple to wash off. It also didn’t feel bad while drying down/waiting as it didn’t get completely dry. It might have been my imagination or positive mindset, but I think my skin looked better after using this!

Rating: 5/5

Betty Boop x Ipsy eye brush

I’ve become one of those people that get excited when I get a new eyeshadow brush ^ this was the Betty Boop collab product I received. It’s the perfect size for the makeup I like to do (whenever I do), soft/flexible bristles, and a comfortable handle. I also didn’t notice any shedding, but I haven’t applied anything with it yet…

Rating: 5/5

Context Skin matte lipstick in say love

Come on, Ipsy. I feel like I haven’t received a lippie shade I liked from them in many months, but this one I know I won’t be wearing again. I still tried it on just to see if maybe the looks were deceiving: unfortunately no. It was on one hand, the same color as my lips, but after a full application- it was actually lighter and looked so bad. Because it’s matte, it also settled into the creases in my lips when it dries down. YUCK

My rating: 1/5 (would give it a 0 if I could)

Private Doctor define minus serum

This is the thing I couldn’t try out just yet, but I’m excited to eventually. It’s fun to try out new skincare like serums, but they seem to send them to me almost every month! Most of the time they’re too small for me to tell if it does anything from the few uses I get out of it…still nice to have a couple random ones lol

Rating: 2/5

The final look

I popped on the eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick last night to get these reviews in for you guys ^ the eye look is spot on with what I typically like, but as I mentioned- the lipstick was a big bummer. Overall, this month’s bag wasn’t my fave. I did get some perfect products mixed with stuff I won’t use as much. Let’s hope there’s a full 5/5 bag headed my way soon!

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Halloween is almost here! October has flown by and been crazy busy with events. So much so, I have posts planned out into December from this month! Be ready to see everything we’ve been up to lately (but super late). Faves are fast approaching as well…ok I promise I’m done, y’all are the best xo

11 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r Oct0ber

  1. YES KITY!! I love seeing all your finds!! A whitening pen?! Update us on that oml. 😂 Also, the background and quality of this post I canttttt. Also also, look at you planning posts into December like a time management QUEEN! Teach me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! It’s my favorite fuzzy blanket haha I actually took the pics with my new iPhone (shhhh post on that in the future). I’m trying my best (: and I always appreciate the support xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loooove the Betty Boop bag so much!! What a fun collaboration! 🙂 Sorry there were multiple disappointments in this bag. Glad you ended up liking a few of the products, though ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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