Oct0ber fav0rites


BEWARE! This month was full to the brim with events & celebrations, so I’ve got a ton of faves to share. I also intentionally kept some things out of this post to go in future ones since I’ll be publishing pictures from this month all the way into December…anyways, here’s some stuff I’ve been loving during my favorite month: October ❤

Best friend’s baby shower

On my birthday weekend, my best friend had her baby shower/gender reveal party ^ it’s a girl! I was so excited for this and it was a crazy fun time spent catching up & just celebrating her being pregnant. She looked so gorgeous! They had a bee theme with custom cookies and an adorable cake that was pink on the inside. But the reveal was done with confetti inside little poppers! I had guessed it would be a girl, as had the mama-to-be. Justin changed his guess last minute and wore blue to her party + the baby daddy was hoping for a boy too… I told him better luck next time and I think his heart stopped for a second LOL

Prepping for Halloween

Another reason why it’s my favorite time of the year is all the fun of dressing up and now that we’re in a super nice neighborhood, I’m even more excited to give to the kids! We decided to go candy-free, but we did get a back up bag in case we somehow run out of goodie bags. I had a blast picking stuff out to fill them with. I also tried to make some geared more towards the younger kids, girls, boys, and older kids too. Hopefully we get a good turn out as this is our first Halloween here! Justin & I had to stop into a costume store too…we found part of his costume there and some add-ons to mine. It was too fun (:

Oscar adjusting

Since Felix’s passing, I’ve been even more attentive to my lil fluff ball at home. He’s been doing really well though! He laid in his beds a few times, but still prefers the floor most days. Justin will even let him lay next to him on the couch sometimes. I started feeding him a food pouch in the morning & then a full can at night with his digestive drops. Every now and then he’ll get the zoomies so we take out a feather toy to play with him. He can even do a little jump still, but I never wanna push him too far and have him get hurt cause I have to remember he is 15 years old…

Food & drink

Ahh yes, the best section of any favorites post…we started shopping at Wegmans more and OMG it is so much better than the crap Target we have near us & it’s really not any more expensive comparatively. It’s just a little longer of a drive, but we both agree it’s worth it! I’ve been a waffle addict this month. I love Van’s gluten-free waffles in basically any flavor, but the jellies on top take the cake. We get a sugar plum jam from Wegmans and the other is orange-champagne jelly from World Market. I’m still drinking my tea everyday (even though I might have to order in bulk online from now on), and it’s been nice to try the ones from my subscription box. I received 2 different black teas in October and the caramel one went really well with a dash of creamer!


Last minute random faves: trying desperately to clear my skin with at-home/over-the-counter stuff then finally getting an Rx regimen to heal it all, my olive green throw over anything jacket from Anthropologie, Zepeto’s new “spooky” clothes, distressed mom jeans from Target paired with my cute brown dress shoes, and saving the best for last- OUR LITTLE MAN! We thought he had already started hibernating, but I guess he was just stocking up in the woods for a while. We’ve been catching a glimpse of him more often these past 2 weeks, so hopefully he stays under our shed all winter. Too cute (:

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or just share some of your faves from this month. How’s your October been? Hoping November is 10x better no matter what! See ya the first of the month for my notes post *might have achieved all of them*

10 thoughts on “Oct0ber fav0rites

  1. What a fun post! Oscar is such a cutie. So how did Halloween turn out for you guys? I hope there were a lot of fun trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood! 😀 Aww haha love how you guys’ woodchuck (that’s what he is, right? haha) is always in the same place in your pictures! We have a chipmunk that lives in our front yard who does the same thing – for the past few years, he always sits on the same root of his favorite tree. I’m not even sure if it has been the same chipmunk all this time … it may be a whole family of them! xD

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      1. Aw that’s awesome! Chipmunks are nearly impossible to spot, haha – we only know we have the one because he sits out in plain sight!

        Liked by 1 person

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