Oct0ber’s n0tes


Happy November! October was a whirlwind, so I’m hoping these next few weeks slow down a bit. I gave myself another 3 big goals to accomplish last month and I’m happy to say I completed all of them! Here’s a look at how they went…

Get nails healthy & even

September somehow ruined my nails. Idk if it was my diet, hormones, or just being too rough with them- but they kept splitting & breaking. I couldn’t keep them strong or at all a similar length to each other. So I made it a goal to get them back to peak condition! I found a treatment oil with my nail polishes and decided to give it a try. I applied it as the first coat, then a clear base, the color, and lastly a top coat. I painted my nails every week in October and finally got them looking great again! After the first clip & file they stayed even and have felt super strong. I’m not showing pictures of the last color I painted them bc it’ll be included with my costume in a Halloween post I get to maybe this year lol

Hang up all wall stuff

I completed this bc we honestly did hang everything we could! There are still some wall decor items I want to purchase in the near future & one thing we need a real ladder to put up…but I won’t make it a note again. I love how much more put together it makes our home just like when we installed curtains everywhere! I love each piece and I’m glad we found the perfect places for all of them. Starting from the top- these are the rooms they’re in: bedroom, Justin’s bathroom, kitchen, spare room, my bathroom, spare room, bedroom, and spare room again x3

Keep up with dyed hair

My sister kindly came over at the end of September to dye my hair. We used Overtone’s espresso brown for the bulk of my hair (which is my natural color before the sun lightens it during summer) and then rose gold on the ends. I wanted it this way for Halloween, so I tried really hard to keep it the same the whole month. It was a lot of cold showers & I did have to re-dye the ends a few days ago, but it still looks just as good! I’m really proud of myself (:

I know these weren’t the most ambitious of goals, but I’m still glad I got them all done. For the month of November, I’m not quite sure what I want to accomplish…but I’ll be back at the beginning of December to fill y’all in on what I got up to! Thanks so much as always for reading & supporting this blog. I always look forward to posting and seeing your sweet comments. Have a great weekend xo

13 thoughts on “Oct0ber’s n0tes

  1. GREAT JOB accomplishing your 3 big goals urghh how satisfying!!! Your nude nails have to be my favourite!!! They look so pretty! Your art is all so varied and gorgeous omg, it makes me really wanna hang up some stuff too! And is that red picture you and justin!? And omg, you have the thickest hair that is also so incredibly long! WOAH, the ends are soo nice! Now I have to ask, how long does it take to dry? And the maintenance must be cray right? I can’t wait to see your November goals! Have a nice weekend girl!

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    1. THANK YOU! I think that color on my nails was my fave too haha and yes, that’s based off a photo of us from our 8-month anniversary if you can believe it (: I’m in desperate need of a trim, so thank you for the kind words! I let it air dry cause I couldn’t imagine the mess a hairdryer would make of it haha

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      1. THAT IS SOO COOOL GOSH! wow, have you ever thought of going short? I feel like it must be so liberating with such a long mane but painful too of course! Hahaha, how long does it take to air dry?

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      2. I want to cut it above my shoulders after Justin & I get married (whenever that’ll be) lol right now it takes a few hours to air dry depending on whether I’m outside or not!

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  2. Oooh your nails, hair, and wall decor are all so pretty!! ❤ I'm so glad your nails did better in October than they did in September – I'll have that happen, as well, where my nails randomly split and crack, then other times they'll be fine for weeks. xD I guess it depends on how rough I am with them! I love how you've decorated all the walls, and your hair!!! I'd love to grow mine out! It's still medium length, so I'll just continue growing it out haha

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