New park, new shiny


We spent October’s PokémonGO community day exploring a different park near our house- it’s nice having so many close by! The weather was beautiful and the grounds we walked were lovely as well. Here’s some photos I snapped while we played our game for 3 hours…

I love how many turtles (big & small) we saw at the lake in the center of the park ^ we even saw a snapping turtle! There were also some adorable ducks and very territorial geese waddling around. It was cool that they had a few trees with signs that included their scientific name. We managed to find some benches & stumps to take silly pictures on too- cause it wouldn’t be a post from me without something goofy (:

I know this was kind of a short one, but I’m slowly getting thru all the posts I have scheduled (in December, mind you)! It’s also the end of the week & I’m exhausted. RIP cause I have to work tomorrow too… Hope you all have an awesome weekend though- thanks a million for reading xo

13 thoughts on “New park, new shiny

  1. Oh wow that place looks beautiful! I love the autumn leaves ❤ I havent played pokemonGO since forever but I'd love to do it with my boyfriend haha It must be such a fun couples activity!

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