Neat bar


I’ve been looking forward to today’s post because I’m so excited to announce (and celebrate and brag about) my sister’s business! Her & her husband started a mobile bar together and had a little dinner party at their house to kick things off a few weeks ago…

The ‘fits

I loved how autumnal both of our outfits were this day (it was a few hours after community day, so you may recognize my clothes). We took advantage of the photo-op then popped into Justin’s Benz to head to my sister’s house, which is only about a half hour away!

The RV

They completely transformed this old tow-along RV to be super chic and perfect for parties ^ if you’d like to support them, go ahead and give their page a like on Facebook HERE and if you live in (or plan on visiting) the Virginia area, take a look at their website HERE

My sister warned me that even though the vehicle is totally finished and they’re open for business, she was struggling with the website manager so it isn’t completely clean just yet. Check back soon for the finished product though! They’re willing to travel pretty far, and it doesn’t hurt to ask if you’re unsure. They offer packages for tons of different events as well (:

The bar itself is so nice, they did an incredible job with refurbishing the big stuff & I’m living for the decor. They had a couple beers on tap, but I’m not huge into it so I opted for a hard cider which was delicious! Overall, it was a great night to relax and just chill with some family & friends while celebrating the accomplishments of my sister. I’m looking forward to seeing if they’ll bring it to our house for a housewarming party early next year lol

Couldn’t resist

I love the color yellow and every time I’m at my sister’s house- I admire their shower curtain in the guest bathroom. It’s perfect!

Anyways, my weirdness aside- I hope you all enjoyed this short lil post about my sister’s new business. She’s been working so hard for a long time on this and I couldn’t be more proud! Thank you all very much for taking the time to read through and see the photos I got & even more if you’ve visited either of the links attached. Y’all truly are the best bunch around (:

7 thoughts on “Neat bar

  1. Hellu back!! Can’t believe it has been 7 months i haven’t read your posts! Although i come here to post frequently but for your posts i never want to miss one so i always go back to where i left and start from there .. (i’m a terrible follower, please don’t say it out loud lol🙈) I have so many to catch up with (i’m not complaining 🙈🙈🙈) well, Congratulations to your sister and i hope you and your family are safe amidst this global chaotic situation! 🌹🌹🙈🌟

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