Nü ph0ne, wh0 dis?


I got the new iPhone a while ago, so if you’ve noticed any quality changes in photos on my posts (prob not many cause I’m so behind), that would be why! I was excited to have a better camera and more storage- cause I’m a photo hoarder. But not looking forward to transferring everything over from my old phone. It was a mess to go thru last time & I lost a lot of stuff. We tried with this one just moving some things manually and then keeping my old phone for whatever I didn’t transfer. I don’t plan on selling it anyways! Here’s a couple pics I snapped of the phone itself, my case, then a ton of Oscar portraits cause I wanted to show off the new camera…

The phone & case

I got the iPhone 11pro in gold with 512gb storage cause I wanted the better camera (coming from an iPhone 7), for it to hold a lot, and didn’t want the bigger size of the pro-max. The case is from Casetify & I’m obsessed with it! I recently got a crack in my screen protector, so I’ll have to replace that, but the case is solid and I adore the design. They have so many to choose from, and I miss seeing my yoga skeletons, but I love the bright yellow of this + the art style of the tarot card…

Selfies + kitty cat

Oscar was ready to be the center of attention even if it meant having my new phone in his face for photos everyday for the first week after I got it. The photos just look 100x better than my old phone and I’m living for it! I wanted to capture more pics of my sweet fluff ball too cause I feel I didn’t get enough of Felix before he passed. I hope you all enjoyed the simplicity of this post and of course the over abundance of cat photos ❤

Thanks so much for stopping by- have a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “Nü ph0ne, wh0 dis?

  1. My 5 years old phone feels jealous lol I have no money to get a new one although i’m dying to get it but anyway, now you can enjoy playing with the camera more haha~!

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      1. True! I’m someone who buys stuff so they live with her for the longest possible, i consider them as part of my identity that’s why i buy quality stuff that will last for a whiii~ile… are you like that? 🙈🙈

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      2. Yey 🙌 my family can’t understand and many times they ask me why I’m sensitive towards my belongings lol 😅

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