Ipsy f0r N0vember


Can we guess how this month bag went? I probably would cancel my subscription if I hadn’t bought the whole year for the old price of $10/month, but once that’s up… I’ll re-evaluate and see if I think they’re still worth it for the $2 up-charge. This month’s bag for sure wasn’t, so lemme explain why!

The bag itself

November’s bag is super cute & def not one of the disappointing bits! I love the subtlety of the tiny Ipsy tag on the side and the faux suede tassel on the zipper is adorable. They’re doing a great job keeping the inside of the bag matching to the outside colors/design which is good to see! Unfortunately, the contents of this bag were not so exciting…

The products as a whole

Before we get into each item I received individually, I wanted to take a step back to look at this bag as it was sent to me: a set. I know not every bag will have every product I would need to make a full look, but this month was the worst of all. I got 2 lip balms, a face mask, a sunscreen, and ANOTHER blue nail polish…

Can we also admire how teeny tiny they are too? I thought after Ipsy raised their prices, came out with the bigger boxes, and basically revamped their whole “brand” we’d be seeing better bags. As in, bigger sample/trial-sized items or things of higher value to feel like we’re getting something for what we paid, but that’s not the case. It also seems to me that they’ve thrown my beauty profile & reviews out the window!

Murad essential-c day moisture broad spectrum SPF 30

I was actually excited to receive this when I saw it on my bag spoilers in the Ipsy app. I have previously gotten a cleanser from the same Murad line that I quite enjoyed! As the day came closer to my bag arriving, I remembered the itty bitty moisturizer I’d opened from the same brand a few months back. I didn’t know what this sunscreen would be like…it arrived in a small box with an even smaller tube inside! If this had been the size of the cleanser I got, I would’ve been totally fine with that. I like the formula of this a lot and could always use a good SPF to pop on after my Rx skin stuff. I just cannot get behind these crazy tiny samples of skincare. It’s sad that I feel like I say this a lot, but if I could’ve given it a 0-star review- I would have!

La Chloris Urban Botanics ultra glow Moroccan rose mask

Now I know I don’t have any try-on photos of this & that’s because I’m still going through some skin troubles. I’m using a few different Rx products in my routine and can try other gentle things if I want, but I was advised to not use anything exfoliating- which unfortunately, this mask is. Obvi I know Ipsy couldn’t have known this & I’m sure eventually I’ll get to try it. I just don’t really have a review on it now…

Gigi Gorgeous living lip balm in “Natalia”

I’m a sucker for a good lip balm & this is one of them! I saw Alexandria review quite a few face makeup products from this Gigi Gorgeous collab with Ipsy, so I’m actually happy with receiving a lip balm as opposed to something I would never use like highlighter, blush, etc. I just couldn’t give it 5 stars cause it’s just Maybelline BabyLips with a different label on the outside tbh. That should be a good thing cause that’s my go-to lip balm, but it was a bit disappointing to receive something so close to what I already normally use…and it’s sad when the best thing in the bag is a lip balm!

Layla Cosmetics layba nail polish in “1012”

Another one I’m not even bothering to try on cause this is probably the 4th blue nail polish I’ve received from Ipsy since I’ve been subscribed. I think it’s even similar in shade of blue to the last one I got. I’ve reviewed them all 1 star, so maybe Ipsy needs to implement a system where you can rate things 0-stars so they know not to keep sending it to you! I could talk about how little the bottle is too, but I’m just annoyed at this point with getting this…

Hola Neon tinted lip balm in “Call Me”

Guys, they almost had it. If this had been a pigmented lipstick instead, I would’ve actually been surprised by Ipsy sending me a good shade. Sadly, this is another lip balm and it doesn’t really show much color at all. The packaging isn’t doing it any favors either as you can see just how little product you’re getting in the tube. I’ve seen a bunch of people getting this brand in their bags and the items are always great… I was looking forward to something from them, then I got this. I’ll prob use it sometime when I don’t feel like putting on actual lipstick or when I run out of regular lip balm- which luckily won’t be for a while!


On a high note, I got this wonderful snapshot of a few of the products ^ I’m loving the camera on the iPhone 11pro

This post has been a whole bunch of negativity & I do apologize about that cause I know it can’t be the most fun to read, but I want you all to know how much I appreciate you stopping by to see my posts each week! I hope everyone has a nice rest of the week, and if you’re celebrating- a fun & safe Thanksgiving (:

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