N0vember fav0rites


Welcome to a very special & lengthy faves post because today is Black Friday. For the second portion, I’ll be adding links to websites for the businesses from which we got a lot of these items so if you like them too- maybe you can snag a deal today! But let’s start with the regular faves…

My recent Instagrams

I’ve never been one to post in a specific way for my feed to look a certain way, but randomly I noticed how nice my most recent 9 looked! The pops of orange really go so well together ^

Our little man

Once again, he graced us with his voluptuous presence in our backyard. We do think he’s finally hibernating as we’ve had a couple more very chilly days & haven’t caught a glimpse of him since the beginning of November. Still so cute!

First snow

We experienced our first snow in the new house this month! It was so slow, chunky, and beautiful. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t cold enough to stay for long and I even had to work during the second half of that day. I would’ve loved to just sit by the window and watch it for hours though…

Justin’s additions

My wonderful man has been working double-time on his businesses this month & I couldn’t be more proud! He’s also organized his office enough to add some of the products he’s wanted for a while, including this crazy white receipt rug ^

Animal Crossing?

Fear decided to transform fully into an Animal Crossing character by turning this leaf into a blanket for himself & we couldn’t get over how adorable he looked!


Some fun items from Tsuki, Gelato, and Maì will be further showcased in an upcoming post- but I wanted to tease it here cause I’m too excited to share the photos!

This month’s Tarot summary

A few of my favorite cards from November + an average of my reactions to them! If you all are interested in this kind of thing, let me know & maybe I can make a full post about it (:

Our professional photos

No, we aren’t engaged yet, but our lovely realtor did set up a session for some of her clients to get professional photos taken at a park right down the road from us ^ it was a gorgeous day at the beginning of the month & such a nice thing to do as we don’t have any proper pictures of us like these! Now we can send out some fabulous Christmas cards ❤

Going into this second portion, I’ll be listing a lot of items I’ve purchased (or have been gifted to me) over this past month and a few weeks before- that I’ve been collecting & waiting to post today. If you’re interested in anything below, I’ll be linking all the websites so you can hopefully get a great Black Friday deal on something. Enjoy!

Home Depot

We got this awesome heater this month so we could stop changing our thermostat back & forth with the weather. We’ve managed to keep the house set at 70 and just pop this on whenever we’re chilly. Our electric bill has been under $100 (and so was this fake-fire heater).

Simple Loose Leaf

This is the tea subscription box I’ve been loving for over a year now! They always send a wonderful selection each month & I don’t think I’ve ever seen a repeat, so if you’re looking for a wide variety- they’ve got it! Send me a message or comment if you decide to subscribe (:


My first time shopping on Dollskill was when I was looking for tiny ruffle socks. These were all like $5 which is crazy to me! Hopefully they’ll have some great deals for you guys if you choose to shop today…

World Market

This store just gets me. I’ve always loved shopping here, even before and after I worked at 2 of their locations. The stuff they stock changes all year, but it’s always fantastic quality & unique things from around the world. Recently, Justin & I were browsing around and I found this mug that’s obvi just my style! We also stumbled upon these amazing blankets they’re selling in conjunction with a company that gives back by donating blankets to homeless shelters. They’ve even gone so far as to list inside the box common things that shelters need that you can fill the box with and donate to a shelter near you. I got one for my mom for Christmas too (shhhh). An awesome company to look into even if you don’t buy anything, but the blankets are on sale today & they’ve got tons more designs on their website Sackcloth & Ashes

Makeup + a wallet


Winky Lux


Three gorgeous brands that are all having incredible sales today! I’m obsessed with the purple hues in the It’s My Pleasure palette & obvi the quality is beautiful. The price of Colourpop products still blows my mind- if they can do it, all these makeup brands can make their stuff affordable! The Winky Lux lip oil was instantly on my list once they released it & Justin was kind enough to gift it to me. It smells lovely & feels even better on, it’s not sticky at all, and you can even catch a bit of sparkle! The Coach wallet was a long time coming. I’ve had a hand-me-down one from the same brand for years and it was getting pretty rundown looking cause it was a fabric one, not leather. So I opted for the black one as I figured it would last twice as long as the previous wallet which went through 2 different people. Justin got this for me as a late birthday gift, he’s such a sweetheart! I love Coach as a brand because unlike the other designers, their items are on the more attainable side & I think the designs of them are better (but that’s just my opinion). I like the sleeker, less in-your-face obnoxious, look a lot more than some of the collections LV & Gucci have released…

En Route

Ashley from Bestdressed on Youtube launched her first ever jewelry line this year, and I was super excited to grab this necklace! Unfortunately, the wrong item was sent to me, but her customer service team were quick to respond & fix the issue. They let me keep the earrings (which I gifted to my BFF) and sent the necklace out right away. More of an anniversary gift than a birthday one by the time I got it, but I love it all the same. The gold is beautiful & I’m impartial to it over silver anyways. The design of the branches is right up my alley, and you can’t go wrong with a nice choker! She’s got her pieces marked down today, so go check out the whole collection…


A regular on my blog, Maì had to make its appearance in my favorites this month with this adorable watering can! I’ll be sharing more from them in a future post, but I wanted to tell my story about this purchase so you all can see just how great their customer service is. I received the first one with the handle shattered, I emailed them about it, they offered to replace it or fully refund me. I opted for the replacement cause I really wanted the watering can lol and although I had to wait until the next batch of pottery emerged from the kiln- this one came in one piece! They were so sweet about it and even said they’d take into account my suggestion to make the handle a bit thicker. In that case, I’m hoping others that buy it in the future get theirs in one piece the first time (: she does have a few things still in stock on site at this moment, and I believe there’s a coupon code on her shop’s Instagram page!

The last photo I wanted to share without a link because I honestly can’t remember where we got it (maybe World Market), but I think it’s so weird & cute that I still wanted to share it! Hope you have an awesome weekend and a successful Black Friday if you’re shopping today. Til next time xo

12 thoughts on “N0vember fav0rites

  1. What a wonderful november! Your insta feed is soo noiceee and that professional photoshoot out in nature encapsulating the 2 of you wow! And your new jewellery is so niceee! My gosh! That receipt rug is so funny HAHAHA

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  2. I enjoyed your favourites! Totally inspiring! I’m a huge fan of everything that is cute and i found the chocker, socks and mug also your photoshoot guys sooooi cute~! 🙈🙈🙈Thank you for sharing with us 🌹🌟🌹

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