N0vember’s n0tes


Happy December & welcome to a (temporary) new blog schedule! I’ll be posting on Wednesdays + Saturdays this month, but we’ll be back to the old ways of Tuesday/Thursday for the new year. November was a productive few weeks, and I’m excited to share the goals I set for myself + what I accomplished! Let’s jump in…

Fully recover from PRP

I was given an information sheet after I had my shoulder procedure in October about the steps I’d need to take to recover from it. Of course, I wanted to make sure I did everything right so my shoulders would heal the best they could & I wouldn’t see any reversal of symptoms. Part of this process was taking extra vitamins that are vital in helping the procedure work after the injections were given. These included hyaluronic acid, omega 3, vitamin C, and collagen type 2. I also wanted to continue my physical therapy & get back into working out/using the elliptical. I managed to do it pretty infrequently, but I’m still healing. I don’t wanna over-do anything, so I’m making sure to always grab a stool at work if I need to reach up higher than I should be reaching. Things are going well!

Finish the spare room

I’ve made monthly goals to get organized before, so I’m bringing that back to finish decorating/setting up certain rooms in our house. November’s project was the spare room at the far end, next to our bedroom. Since this is the bigger of the two “extra” bedrooms, Justin let me have it as my pseudo-office. The elliptical wouldn’t have fit in the other room he’s using for his office anyways. I worked a lot on reducing the clutter/crap by going through every bin, basket, and drawer one at a time. I threw away so much stuff that I was holding onto for no reason + I donated probably 2 huge boxes full of stuff…including some organizational containers that were severely out of date (ie. plastic, ugly canvas, etc.)! I was so proud of myself for specifically the clearing out of old nonsense cause I usually just pack it away so it’s out of sight. I got rid of so much that I even have empty cubbies leftover for new things (or migration of bedroom stuff once those boxes are fully unpacked). Then, I moved to the decorating part. Because of my last goal for this month, things got challenging here…but thankfully- the Michael’s down the road had a huge 80% off sale while I was searching for decor & more pieces. I got the full-length mirror, palmistry sign, gold folders/shelves, fake flowers for my pot, and rose gold rolling cart all on sale! I also finally got a chair for my desk *so happy* and I’m hoping to find a rug by the end of the year, so the big empty space in the middle of the floor won’t look as weird. I found a good place to display my POP figures without having them in the room all the time, which was a mini goal for this project. I also covered my bookshelves with a simple design since one of them wasn’t finished on the top. I tried to keep some sort of theme with colors as most of my bigger furniture doesn’t match & I wasn’t planning on replacing any of that. I looked for gold, white, and a few purples & blues. Let me know what you think of it in the comments! Do you remember what it looked like when we first moved in? (:

Save at least $500

This was a simple goal, but something I’ve been meaning to do and keep forgetting. I aimed to transfer $100 every Sunday to my savings account. Obviously, I wasn’t gonna put screenshots of my bank app on here- so I just snapped a photo of my piggy bank (which does have some change in it) & our vacation/trip fund jar. Hopefully traveling more in 2020! I did save the $500 but didn’t wanna put any more just yet as the holidays are approaching & I still have a few more people to shop for…

This month’s notes were a massive success, and I’m really looking forward to completing my December goals. Don’t forget I’m here Wednesdays & Saturdays this month, then back to normal from January on… Thanks so much for reading!

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