4 years blissful


Back here on the temporary/different schedule (Wednesdays & Saturdays) with a “photoful” post to celebrate our anniversary of 4 years! This was the third week of October, but I’m just now getting to publishing it here. Enjoy our evening out (:

The look

I went back to my Colourpop palette for a purple-hued eye look that night ^ pairing that with Safiya’s “Frankenlipstick” Berry Me In Lipsticks from her collab with the brand. I also wore some new clothes from Target & Madewell + the gold leaf necklace from Ashley’s En Route collection. I felt like even though I had a lot of different colors on, they all meshed pretty well!

Our meal

We ate at a restaurant we hadn’t tried before & it was so delicious ^ the service was fantastic as well. They even brought us out a dessert with “Happy Anniversary” after we’d finished eating! We definitely wanna go back for another event & will recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to share a meal with a loved one (:

A quick stop

We ran over to Wegmans after dinner to grab a few treats & some flowers (these are still in the vase even though they’re all dried up by now). We both had a lovely night together even if we didn’t do much else but have a fantastic meal together. Just being in each other’s presence is plenty celebration enough since we both are typically working so much. Another cheers to another 4 years!

10 thoughts on “4 years blissful

  1. Happy belated anniversary!! May you love alot and live happily together until the end of times! 🌹🙈🌟 the outfit looked great on you 🙈🙈🙈

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