It’s time again to share some recent buys! These are my favorite type of posts because the photos are fun, and it’s like a “favorites” in disguise. So here’s what’s gone in my shopping cart online & magically shown up at our doorstep lately…

Tsuki space collection

We finally received our clothes from Tsuki’s newest line ^ the pants were supposed to be part of Justin’s Halloween costume, but they didn’t arrive in time. The ones I got didn’t fit me & unfortunately, neither did the pullover (that’s why I didn’t take on-the-body photos). I love the designs of everything, and of course, the socks are fantastic! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to buy the pants from me- they’re a size small with tags attached (:

Tsuki x Gelato Pique

Another Tsuki haul, but this one was a collaboration with the luxury loungewear brand Gelato Pique. Justin & I picked out the pieces we wanted from their website on the first day of pre-orders. I’ll list the things we got, so hopefully you can check them out & find something you’ll like…

Justin got the slippers, grey cardigan, pink sweatshirt, and the pink sweatpants

I got the socks, pink cardigan, pink button-up, pink shorts, and dark grey long pants

We’ve been LIVING in these & loving the quality, feel, and style. If you’ve been thinking about getting nicer pajamas or even just some comfier clothing to hang around in- we both highly recommend Gelato Pique (even if it isn’t something from this collab).


I jumped on the opportunity to get more Marzia-made items when she updated her store online. I picked out the caterpillar sweatshirt & the artsy pennant that looks super cute hung up in my spare room. I also finally managed to snag a watering can (but it came damaged, so they sent a replacement). I DIYed a little tie for the broken one to wear & now he’s holding some of my rulers/scissors/etc. in the spare room while the replacement with an intact handle is being used for its intended purpose! It’s so nice to have a real one instead of just filling a random drinking cup with water. Somehow I feel like I’m taking better care of our few live plants (:

That’s all for this haul! Of course, I’ll be updating you all after the Christmas season is over on what I got for the holidays, but until then- these are my newest gems. I hope you enjoyed the photos & aren’t hating this temporary new blogging schedule I’ve got going for December. Have a wonderful rest of your week xo

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  1. Binge feeding my thirst for cuteness lol 😂🙈 a so lovely post 💝🌟 Thank you for sharing 🙈🙈🙈

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