Tw0 T-days


November was full of fun events like the annual Train Day in the town near us & of course, Thanksgiving! I figured I’d lump them into one post since I didn’t get too many pictures from the individual days…

Train Day

This is a cute little event hosted by the town that runs adjacent to ours along the train tracks. It’s all about trains including vendors, props, and obvi the actual train that comes through the center every now & then. It’s always a nice day, and it’s something Justin has loved since he was younger (:

Thanksgiving Day

We spent most of the day at Justin’s parents’ house. They had a whole spread out & ready when we got there, and his grandfather even stopped by to eat with us. We hung out for a bit afterwards with the dogs. I know Justin enjoyed it cause he got to shoot his gun outside with his brother. It was a wonderful time even though it was WILD WINDY (:

Black Friday

These are the only photos I have from the day after Thanksgiving. The ones of me are funny cause I’m making a face at the gigantic flock of birds that flew over us while Justin was taking the pictures lol then the obligatory car-selfie in my fuzzy coat. We drove to Fredericksburg to see my dad & meet my sisters for dinner. It wasn’t as hectic as I was afraid it would be, but still no shopping for us!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season so far. I think I’ve got everyone’s presents together finally, just waiting for the rest of Justin’s to arrive in the mail. Let me know in the comments what your Christmas/New Year’s plans are! Thank you as always for reading & have a great weekend xo

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