Five faves: Drinks


I haven’t posted one of these since August so I figured it was time for another. Let me know in the comments if you’d prefer them more frequently or spread out more- I always appreciate feedback from you guys! I’ve got a ton of photos in the album I’ve put together for this post, so I’m adding subcategories as I go…


I would say tea is my favorite thing to drink. I love them from hot to iced & loose leaf to bottled up! Arizona teas are a staple, so easy to pick up and always affordable. One of my faves from them is half & half with lemonade, but honestly they’re all delicious. Bubble tea is a treat- my favorite is either a classic oolong or honey milk tea with boba. I haven’t had one in a while, but I’ve really been craving a cup! In these winter months, a nice steaming cup is so comforting. I enjoy making my morning mug of bagged black tea + a splash of creamer. I also love the many loose teas I’ve received in my subscription over the months from Simple Loose Leaf…one thing they don’t sell is matcha powder lol I had a slight addiction to Starbuck’s matcha Frappuccinos and iced lattes over the summer, but I think I’m safe from that now. A lot of money spent & sugar consumed! I enjoyed the occasional green tea or bottle out of the fridge case at Sheetz before meeting Justin, but after fully experiencing all that tea can be- he’s opened my eyes to the wider world of tea & how great it is (:


I love a fruity, mixed drink as much as the next young adult, but here are some of my favorite alcoholic beverages…basically nothing with vodka & anything with rum! I’ve found a few restaurants that have awesome berries + rum drinks like Applebee’s, Rock Bottom, and Red Lobster. Justin & I also enjoy mixing our own stuff or finding good brands to bring home. I really like ciders cause I’m not into beers- we’ve found a couple at our local wine store. My mom even had us out to the cidery by her house! Bailey’s & coffee is a nice treat on a cold day, and a mimosa is always a lovely way to start your Sunday! One of my all time faves is something called “The Suffering Bastard” which is a silly name for a drink, but it’s basically just a ginger ale base with gin & rum shots (:

The others

Can’t go wrong with chocolate whether it’s a fancy Starbucks blend or the powder stirred in for a hot mug at home. We recently bought a tin at Wegmans that is one of the best hot chocolates I’ve tried. Sometimes when I think I’m hungry, all I really need is something to drink & smoothies are a welcome answer to that problem! When we go to Tropical Smoothie, I usually get either a peach one or cranberry with a couple add-ins like the matcha or ginger. I love being able to customize them (:

This wasn’t exactly the normal “five” faves like previous posts from this series, but I hope you still enjoyed a look through my older photos. I like these as filler so my blog doesn’t look too rushed if I don’t happen to have anything planned for that day- but it does make me nervous that it looks lower effort than other posts. I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions in the comments if you’d care to leave them! Thanks so much for following, reading, and always supporting me. Enjoy the rest of your week xo

6 thoughts on “Five faves: Drinks

  1. So. Many. Drinks.

    I LOVE tea but um wow sooo many times there. I’m a borong grandma so early grey is all i drink. Ahhh I’m in love with hot choco!! And ahh smoothies!

    I think it’s perfectly fine that you’re using older photos!! I loved this post and seeing the older ones might seem old to you but it’s fresh to us so I don’t mind. 😂 Hopefully that made sense. Kind of like there’s no expiry date when it comes to Shauna’s photography skills. Love this! 👏

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