Ipsy f0r December


Merry Christmas! We’ve already seen our families last night, this morning & afternoon which has all been wonderful. Since my schedule is a bit “off” lately, today’s the day for my monthly Ipsy reviews- then my last post of the year will be this Saturday for December favorites. I’ll see you all in 2020 (on January 3rd) back to my normal blogging schedule of Tuesdays & Fridays! Hope you’re having a lovely holiday season and end to the year (: let’s see what Ipsy-Santa brought me…

An extra box

Of course I had to get an additional treat when they were advertising all the sale boxes. I picked the one with the most stuff I’ll actually use (currently have the lip balm in my pocket), but the blush will be a good gift for someone next year. I was intrigued by the lavender cuticle oil cause I’ve been looking for ways to strengthen my nails or at least have them stay healthier longer! The wax strips are interesting too & the hair product I might pass on to my mom if I don’t find it works for me. I’m excited to try the targeted sheet masks though (:

The bag itself

The bag for December is beautiful- it’s kind of a crushed silver with a really nice, dark green zipper. They’re doing well with keeping the logo understated, which I like!


I only picked add-ons for this month’s bag because they were buy 2, get 1 free…and I’ll explain why I’m thankful for that. I chose a double-ended brush because we can all always use another brush & one with and extra end is a value! I also picked a lil pot of one of Justin’s (and mine) favorite moisturizers cause they’re nice for popping in my purse during the winter/dry months. Lastly, this eyeliner. You can see in the photos how confused & frustrated I am after trying to apply it. I’m constantly on the hunt for a GOOD liquid liner, but this one happened to be the WORST I’ve ever tried. It wouldn’t even go on my lid at first, I had to like press the pen into my eye, then it made too rough of an edge, so when I go to draw a smooth line: it completely erases all the liner I just put down! Now I’ve had crap liners that do this dry-erase marker effect, but this one is just simply dreadful.

Little Moon Essentials peppermint schtick lip balm

I was actually excited to be getting another lip balm in my subscription this month since my lips have been suffering due to the colder/dryer air outside & my persistent perioral dermatitis. This one was alright, but not my favorite. Sometimes it melted too much and chunks fell off onto my lips…other times it left an almost white sheen on my lips with a sandy texture (not nice feeling). So I’ll be sticking to the one I got in my bonus box lol

Jolii Cosmetics lux crème matte in Lavanda

This lipstick got me good, it really fooled me…it looked so dusty purple in the package & then hit me in the face with this bright magenta shade in reality. The formula isn’t bad at all, so I’d probably see myself wearing it again if the color wasn’t so wrong on me. A flop, but in pictures it looks decent (:

Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara in Brynn

Another huge letdown (like the eyeliner), this was the WORST mascara I’ve ever attempted to apply. The first swipe on put SO MUCH of this goopy formula on my lashes that no number of precisely placed sweeps through could fix them. They were so covered & clumped, I tried to pull the balls of mascara off the ends…this just made it worse. After a good 15 minutes, I just snapped the try-on photos and removed the sad excuse for a mascara lol

Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess

I don’t wear bronzer, so I’ll be gifting this to someone next year or maybe starting a giveaway pile…not tried on- not reviewed.

Glam Up firming pomegranate & refreshing peppermint sheet mask set

Who doesn’t love sheet masks? And even better that it came with 2 different kinds to try so Justin could join the party! We both really enjoyed these. They said to leave them on for 20-30 minutes, but his didn’t stick to his facial hair area well lol it’s still definitely a nice way to treat yourself every once in a while (:


I ended up wearing a Maybelline snap mascara in the shade purple with a purple BFF liner from Colourpop just to try the lipstick from this bag on. Of course I removed that just like the liner & mascara from this bag cause they were just trash. It wasn’t the products that were bad in this month’s bag, but the brands of them that just weren’t right for me. If December’s any indication, I’ll most likely be cancelling my subscription next October (when my $10/month deal runs out). Let me know in the comments what you guys thought! Have you used any of the products that were total fails for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions always (:

*M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S*

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