December fav0rites


Happy almost end of the decade. You made it & to celebrate, I’ll be sharing my faves from this last month of 2019 (: enjoy!

Kitchen stuff

Some of my favorite meals this month were avocado toast with veggie patty, butter chicken with Brussel sprouts, and the steaks we ate tonight with zucchini & tomatoes (both with mashed potatoes). The last 2 are part of our new meal plan to prep out a few recipes per week & go shopping for the ingredients ahead of time. We’re hoping to take this routine into the new year as well. I finally got the cabinet of my dreams (ofc from Target) and built it for the corner of our kitchen as extra storage. I also couldn’t resist the Gudetama mini spatulas- too cute! I had to include the photos I snapped of an adorable cat who we found trespassing on our back porch one morning. We think it belongs to someone down the street bc we see it quite often & it certainly looks well-fed. We also picked up a few different alcoholic beverages from Wegmans to try. So far, the Werewolf pinot noir is delicious (:

MORE spare room stuff

I made it a goal previously to finish the spare room & I thought I was done, but I was sadly mistaken. This month- I actually achieved that goal to its fullest extent ^ I got the lamp of everyone’s fantasy…I’ve never seen anything like it! I also got in my huge reading chair + Ouroboros blanket from Strike Gently Co. which I highly recommend. Their blankets are such amazing quality & the designs are so much in my style bubble it’s unreal. Justin helped me put up a jewelry organizer, and after our Christmas Day trip to my dad’s, I came home with even more jewelry (from my childhood bedroom- not new stuff) to add to it! The room was still so weirdly empty in the middle, so obvi solution: BIG BLUE RUG and it’s wonderful (:

Random other stuff

I got a car magnet from the Gentle Barn! It’s my newest favorite thing on the back of my car lol and I’m hoping I’ll be able to sponsor one of the Tennessee cows this year. If you haven’t heard of their charity before, check out their website The Gentle Barn they’ve got multiple locations & so many animals rescued. I made my first purchase from Missguided and it ended up 50/50…I saw Roxi on Youtube try on this gorgeous turtleneck, so I got it too & I adore it! The other thing I ordered was a peach-colored satin button-up top, but it didn’t fit in certain spots (let my mom try it on too, but it didn’t fit her either). Good thing they take returns lol we took Oscar to the vet to get something for his nightly howling. She said he seems well as far as his heart & overall health. He just has slight renal failure, and she felt a bit of possible arthritis in his lumbar area. We’ve got him on some nightly medicine now that calms him down enough so he can sleep & it’ll even help if he gets pain. He did so well at the vet & in the bath the other night! I got Justin a fat seal plush for (early) Christmas ^_^ I think it looks fabulous on the new fuzzy chair in our bedroom. We got a new lamp with shelves put in there too- look at the gifts under the tree!!! Just a nice picture I wanted to add after my Christmas prep post. I drew some grubs & cut them out for the frogs’ stockings. We also got them real buggies to snack on on Christmas: even dubia roaches cause for once Petsmart had some live ones in stock! Justin cleaned their tank while I babysat them too (those photos will be in an upcoming pet update). I painted my nails for the holiday, but they were already chipped the following day…tis the season


You know we had to do it to ’em ^ these are our characters all dressed up for the holidays! I love the festive clothes & decor they put on the app every year. If you have it and would like to follow me, my code is 7ZWYXB

This is my last post for 2019 and with this weird posting schedule. I’ll be back here on January 3rd to share my notes from December, plus I’ll be starting my normal schedule again by posting every Tuesday & Friday. Hopefully I can keep up with it all 2020- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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