December’s n0tes


TGIF and happy New Year! Back to my normal schedule of Tuesdays & Fridays for 2020…I’m so excited to share with you all what I’ve been up to in just the past few days, but that’s not what today’s post is about. I’ll be going over my 3 big goals from the last month of 2019 + pics of everything along the way (:

Bake (something sweet) at least once

Along with baking Christmas cookies at mom’s with her & my sisters, I wanted to make something in our kitchen at home! Justin & I found a super cute gingerbread house kit at Wegmans, but we didn’t realize until we got home that it was pre-assembled ): but it was still a fun time decorating it with the icing + different candies (plus some random sweets from our cabinets). The second time I got to bake was when my dad asked my sisters & I to each bring a dessert to his Christmas lunch where he would be serving BBQ, so I thought making cornbread would be perfect! Unfortunately, our little rascal of a cat got his whole face in it before the event…so I had to throw it out, but nobody seemed to mind 1 less food item cause Dad had tons (:

Write up a 2020 budget + financial goals

This one doesn’t have many photos along with it, but I did want to show the things I listed on my budget (sans actual $ amounts). I also got a cork board from Justin for Christmas that went perfectly above my side table in the spare room & a great place to pin these sheets so I can always see them! I left room in between my goals so I can add new ones as I think of them (or finish others). Sometimes budgets can be scary to make cause it really puts debt/bills in perspective, but I think it’s super helpful *especially at the beginning of a new year* for creating a better relationship with your money. I think it’s really important to know how much you’re making & where that money is going!

Get & review more from Influenster

I got another VoxBox! This is such a nice one because of the variety (those kind are always my favorite to receive). I got all of these items free from Influenster for reviewing purposes. Justin & I both enjoyed the chocolate hazelnuts lol and I haven’t tried the cleansing scrub as I’m not supposed to be exfoliating until my skin is completely cleared and I’m off the Rx skincare. So I’m looking forward to testing it out in the future! The Wet n Wild products were interesting for sure…the liquid lip definitely was NOT my color as you can probably tell from my selfies ^ and my lips weren’t liking something other than Vaseline being on them, so I removed this immediately after the pics. I did really enjoy the liquid eyeshadow! It’s a bit difficult to see in the photos because I only used it on my inner corners as I didn’t have a full eye look on when I applied it (:

The wrap up

Lemme know what you think of these goals in the comments! What are some of your resolutions for the new year? I’m not really making any concrete ones besides trying to be MORE POSITIVE, but I’d love to hear more from you all ❀

6 thoughts on “December’s n0tes

  1. Aw your gingerbread house is so cute! 😍I’m trying to be better at spending this year, so one of the first things I did this year was write down the things I would like to buy in order of importance so I can visually see how much they cost, so I can space them out throughout the year and save up πŸ’›

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