Best year yet


Happy (always late, but better than never) New Year! As we enter a new decade, we’re all striving to better ourselves & our lives. I’m planning to do this in multiple ways, and maybe even better the lives of others along the way. Here’s what we did to celebrate the big crossover into 2020 and what I’ve already accomplished since then!

NYE traditions

We popped champagne (which was a delicious one we’d never tried before) at midnight in our 2020 flutes, but not before enjoying our last meal of the decade: chicken, baby potatoes, and greens with a lovely cranberry moscato ^_^ Then it was out to the backyard to say goodbye to our gingerbread house & in metaphor, say goodbye to 2019 as well by burning it… This is something I’ve done with my family a few times over the years & it sounded to fun to Justin (as long as I let him shoot it too), so we’re reviving the tradition! We realized we don’t really have anything flammable in our house cause we had to use hand sanitizer to light the dang thing up LOL

Get it all straight

At the start of a new year I like to reflect & find where I stand in my own life, who I am, those sort of things. So I decided to take a personality test that I’ve never tried before which is the Enneagram screenshots I’ve put above ^ if you’re into that stuff, you might understand how I got two different results taking two different types of tests… I would say I’m a 6 for others (work, family, relationships) and a 1 for myself. I also was very excited to start a brand new planner with a whole new look & layout. I’ve got an awesome book of stickers to use in it, and I already know I’m gonna need a second copy! It’s been great getting more of my personal life down on paper instead of focusing solely on workouts & work hours like last year- I’m hoping that’ll reduce some stress…speaking of, I’ve just started using this app called Youper that’s sort of an AI meditation/self-therapy/mood tracker kind of thing. The base app is free to get & use, but they do have more advanced features for a membership fee. I’ll def fill you guys in on how that goes after I’ve used it for a bit as I don’t have too much to say initially other than I like it (:

Big changes

In the first two weeks of 2020 I’ve successfully…

Dyed the ends of my hair so it’s all the same color again (my natural color)

Reorganized my bathroom cabinets

Marie Kondo’d my entire wardrobe (1 & 1/2 closets, 4-drawer dresser, 3-drawer cubby, and 4 bins of stored away clothing) and have a TON to donate!

Finally finished the bedroom (at least my side of it) by unpacking the final boxes, getting rid of old crap, and adding decor

Looking back at these photos, I can’t even believe I got all of that done this year already & I’m incredibly proud of myself. I’ve got some insane goals for 2020 but I’m pumped and ready to knock them out. I’m working on minimizing the bad/negative/stressful & focusing on bulking up the gratefulness/positivity/relaxing this whole decade (really from now on tbh). I can’t wait to have you all along this journey with me! Thanks so much for all your support (:

Happy New Year! Enjoy 2020 ~

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