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This post has been a pleasure to work on & I’m so excited to finally be sharing it with you all! I heard about the collaboration NYX was going to be releasing with the Netflix Sabrina (the teenage witch) series, and I obviously was stoked. Justin & I checked our local Ulta on launch day, but they said they weren’t chosen to receive the limited collection…they even called the store in town, but they wouldn’t be stocking it either. Bummer, unless?

Weird coincidences

A week or so later, I wanted to pop in to just look around & maybe pick up some new lippies or something and y’all won’t believe what was on display right in front as we walked in: the Sabrina palette + lipsticks! I was beyond happy, was even lucky enough to snag the last palette they had. I picked 2 of the 3 lip duos cause I’ve never tried anything from NYX before so I didn’t know if I would love the formulas or what. I also drew this tarot card ^ on my app as I began watching part 3 of the show. Anyways, here’s my experience playing around with the new products (:

First test & some more goodies

I tried one of the lippies on its own on a random day cause I couldn’t wait until I had the time to put a whole look together & I ended up really liking it! The application took a bit of time to get just right, but once on over my lip balm it dried to a matte finish without sucking all the moisture from my lips. It barely transferred/smeared, but I did have to fill in the center of my lips after eating or drinking. I was also inspired to rummage through the clearance section of the Dollskill website after I saw what horrible tax return I’d be getting- call it depression shopping lol unfortunately, they didn’t have the jelly slides in stock after I ordered. They did give me a coupon code though! So I went on and found 2 different styles in 2 different colors to try (since they’re offering free returns now). I’ve received some of my purchases, but the last ones won’t arrive until tomorrow…so that’ll all be in a future post!

Look #1 (full day)

Creating a look with a new palette can be daunting & especially when it’s a brand you haven’t used before. This one took 2 tries to get the shadows right, then 2 more tries on one eye when I messed up the liner. Still wasn’t super happy with the shape afterwards, but we had places to be. I played it safe with a warm-brown range, but you really can’t see the multiple shades I used in photos…it just looks rusty lol I did notice that the eyeshadow seemed to blend together on its own as the day went on, but maybe I just have to use primer & setting spray & stuff like that that I don’t actually use in order for it to look the way I want. Let me know in the comments how you like NYX palettes if you tried them before! I chose a different lipstick from the collab to pair with this look, and looking back on the photos- I wish I had tried the darkest color I got, but it was a first attempt & like I said, I was playing it safe. If you’d like to recreate this look with your Sabrina palette: I used “Before Dawn” on my crease as a transition shade, “Harrowing” to deepen it, “Malum Malus” on the full lid, “Mortuary” on the outer corner, “Ambrose” on the inner corner, and “Truth Cake” on the brow bone ^-^

Fresh ink

I also FINALLY got this tattoo I’ve been working on for literal months ^ I designed it a while back on my iPad. The inspiration started from the Slow Dancing In The Dark merch artwork where the skeletons are dancing under a disco ball. I thought the image of them reminded me of a tarot card, so I started drafting something new. It has a lot of detail, so when I sent it to my artist, I let him know he could remove whatever elements would cause it to be too big of a piece. I didn’t want it to take up my entire arm! He did an incredible job of not only making it the size I was looking for, but actually tattooing it flawlessly with the amount of detail left in. The text above is “The Lovers” in Italian cause I’m predictable, but I wanted it to be like a tarot card- but still something different. I love it & couldn’t stop taking photos of it (:

Look #2 (classic smokey eye)

With a bit more confidence & the whole day off to lounge around, I created a second look with the new palette. This one is a classic black-to-white smokey eye paired with a straighter cat eye liner (that I like a lot more than the previous look) & a lighter colored lip. This is a coral kind of pink that I thought brightened up my face! The only one I haven’t tried is the darkest lipstick which I’ll probably like the most knowing me lol this look was done in one try & I would def do it again in the future. It didn’t blend together as badly as the other colors I wore before, but it did sort of pull away at the inner corners of my eye at the end of the day. To recreate it: use “Malum Malus” on the crease as a transition, deepen it with “Limbo”, deepen it again (focusing on the outer corner) with “Salem”, cover the lid in “Angel Of Death”, add “Cunning” to the inner corners, and finish brow bone with “Truth Cake” ❤

I had a total blast using this palette & the lippies so far and am looking forward to creating more looks with this collab collection in the future, so keep an eye out! Please do let me know your thoughts on the looks, products, etc. in the comments & lemme know your opinions on the NYX brand if you’ve used their stuff before (: thanks a million for reading xo

8 thoughts on “Put a spell 0n

  1. I haven’t watched Sabrina but siiiiis you are slaying it as usual. And woah that lamp in the background with the whole photo effect – those photography skills I could neverrr. Love it – have a great day!

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  2. Ow the brown eyeshadow looked great! 🙈🙈🙈 also can’t take my eyes off the tattoo it looks really beautiful 🙈🙈💕

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