& it was all yell0w


Bringing you all the sunshine this Friday with my favorite color that we’ve finally reached in this monochromatic series! Yellow makes me happy & it’s also Justin’s favorite color & he makes me happy (today is actually our 52-month anniversary) ❀

I hope these yellow-toned photos from my archive have helped to brighten the end of your work & have an awesome weekend! Thanks as always for your wonderful support of me + my blog, y’all are the best (:

14 thoughts on “& it was all yell0w

  1. BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYSSSS!!! Justin on the playground climbers is actually a mood. These photos made me smile – yellow is so joyful and I love all the nature, clothing, makeup looks and food you captured. LAST PHOTO IS SO CUTE PIKACHU IN FAIRY LIGHTS I COULD NEVER – did you make it or was it at a park or what is going on? Your sis needs context. πŸ˜‚ Also congrats on 52 months – I’m still waiting for my bridesmaid invitation πŸ‘° Idc if it takes til I’m 50 in a wheelchair – I’m showing up to the wedding uninvited and the theme better be yellow. Lol love this post!

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    1. Omg you’re always the sweetest, thank you! The Pikachu was part of a holiday lights show at the botanical gardens (: and yes, I’m sure we’ll have yellow at the wedding whenever that’ll be!

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