Ipsy f0r February


I just wanna preface saying I’m very happy with this bag, so you know it won’t be full of complaints like some of my previous Ipsy reviews lol now we can begin…

The bag itself

Love love love this month’s bag! It’s a pretty dusty pink color & super soft (probably a faux-suede) plus the quilted texture is adorable. They’re keeping the Ipsy logo on the inside which I really liked last month. Definitely could see myself using this one again even as a little purse!

The products altogether

I ended up rating this month’s bag 4 out of 5 stars overall because the only real flop was them sending me another face-makeup product. I’m excited to go over each item & let you know what I thought of them (:

Doucce Cosmetics boombastic lash volumizer mascara

Always a win to get a mascara sample in an Ipsy bag cause on one hand it means I don’t have to buy my own for even longer & on the other hand- I know I’ll be able to do some kind of eye look at the end of it. This one proved to be very easy to apply while difficult to remove. It gave me raccoon eyes the next morning, so some scrubbing could’ve probably helped avoid that! I was impressed by the way it seemed to separate & lengthen my lashes as I put it on. I do like a bit more lift, but I could always triple curl my lashes before using this mascara again.

It Cosmetics your skin but better primer + oil-free makeup-gripping base + pore-refiner & hydrator

The tiniest item with the longest name & I don’t even have a review because I don’t use this type of product. I thought Ipsy might’ve caught the hint on it by now, but I’m kind of getting used to them not going along with my beauty profile lately lol oh well, 1 out of 5 isn’t bad, plus now it can go in a giveaway! Yes- I’ll be hosting a giveaway or two or three coming in March & you’re the first to know if you see this (:

Tarte sex kitten liquid liner in black

I was so giddy to see this in my bag! Look at that cute lil kitty head on top of the cap ^ this liner is one I felt like I saw all the time, but never brought myself to actually purchase it. So I’m very glad I got it in my bag & got to finally give it a go! This one is now one of my new favorites ^-^ it’s so easy to apply because of the pen shape & felt tip, it goes on smooth without pulling when drying. After wearing it all day, I didn’t notice any transferring upward or smearing around the edges. It was simple enough to remove, just a few swipes with a makeup wipe or micellar water on a cotton pad. I definitely recommend this liner.

Half Caked super glazed in semi-charmed

If you’ve been reading my Ipsy posts lately, you’ll know I’ve become very bored and/or disappointed with the lip products they keep sending me. This one was finally a win! I wasn’t sure about it when I saw it on the app or even when I pulled it out of the bag in person, but once I put it on- I loved the shade & finish. It’s definitely sticky going on, but I’ll remember not to wear my hair down if I’m planning to go outside while sporting this lol such a nice color (:

Dr. Frog water fullcharge all in one

You caught me, I picked this because of the brand name lol but it was my choice at the end of last month to go into this bag. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but I’m glad I didn’t receive a bunch of other skincare stuff. That’s the downfall of choosing your 5th product is that you know they’ve already picked your other items, but you don’t know what they are! One of these days I’m gonna end up with two similar products in the same bag & never choose my own again. I’m still not certain if I love this, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it felt on my skin & that it kept my face hydrated throughout the day…be warned in the try-on photos of how greasy I look cause I did use way too much by mistake…ya live and ya learn!

Firma 202 eyeshadow brush

I redeemed some points for this one ^ and while I didn’t use it for the Ipsy try-on, I did use it while playing around with the Sabrina palette a few times & it’s a great brush. I can always use more of them!

The try-on part 1: prep

To prepare my face for these new products, I started by wiping the morning away with YesTo’s watermelon dirt/oil/makeup-removing wipes. I love these just as much as the others I’ve tried from the same brand & the scent is so nice! Then I used (way too much, oops) the Dr. Frog all in one all over my face…looking extra dewy haha

The try-on part 2: eyes & lips

The quality of these February products really helped me create this super simple, everyday look that took maybe 15 minutes total cause I didn’t even have to re-do the liner! The items I received for my eyes are both the deepest black shades & the lip color is like my lips but better with extra shine. Definitely a look I would do again (:

The try-on part 3: bonus lip + outside

I was curious to see how the last lippie I hadn’t tried from the Sabrina collab would look paired with the classic cat eye & it did NOT disappoint. I love the dark lip! Especially with the new headband I got from Dollskill, very in-theme I think…and I did end up going outside later so you can see the full look in the natural light too!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Ipsy reviews. I was very happy with the products & will continue to use them with stuff from my past bags. If you’re interested in the giveaway(s) I mentioned earlier, stay tuned for future posts & little hints hidden within them. I’m excited to be hosting again! Thanks for reading & have a great rest of your week xo

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