February fav0rites


Happy Friday & almost last day of February! Wow, this one snuck up on me real quick (glad it’s a leap year). But I’ve accumulated a ton of things I’ve been loving this month to share with you all in photo-form. Enjoy ^-^

Food & drink

Starting off strong cause I know this is what everyone’s really here for lol if you haven’t tried the green apple moscato sangria from Olive Garden (and you’re of age), I highly recommend it! For some reason I thought it was gonna be sour, but it’s very sweet & honestly tasted pear-flavored to me…but other than that I’ve shamelessly been on a Starbucks kick this month since trying some new recipes I found online that aren’t too complicated (don’t wanna be THAT person). The ones I loved most are the “Peach Gummy” which is a venti half-sweet black tea lemonade + peach tea + a splash of soy milk, all over ice of course. I was a bit nervous to try this cause my normal order is nothing even close to it, but it’s delicious! Def a great spring/summer refresher (: and the other is the “Ferraro Rocher” Frappuccino which I had to try a few different ways before I found the perfect mix. It ended up being a base of the vanilla bean frap with 3 pumps of mocha syrup & 2 pumps of hazelnut syrup. Tastes just like the candies, a total treat-yourself drink. Their hot chocolate is phenomenal when it’s too cold outside for the iced stuff. I also still love making my oolong or black tea hot at home with a bit of creamer! We’ve enjoyed some fabulous food in February, including…some new gluten-free breakfast bars, heart-shaped Dunkin’ Donuts for Valentine’s Day, honey-glazed chicken with Asian vegetable medley, salmon & dragonfruit, Greek food ordered in from Mezeh, Italian food out at Gino’s, veggie-filled salad, and breakfast sandwiches with avocado on gluten-free English muffins + veggie patty & egg *yum*

Needs, wants, and tarot cards

Of course I had to add some of my favorite draws from Daily Tarot in February ^ I was also blessed by Justin who got me some amazing new pens to write in my planner with! I fell in love with the lip colors I got from the Sabrina collab with NYX & got some much-needed face wipes from YesTo. I mentioned them in my previous post, but I wanted to say again how much I like the watermelon ones (: we also got a new nightstand for me cause my drawer on the old one finally broke after being rickety for the past few months. Still haven’t put it together, but I’m sure I’ll be up for it once I’m finished with my physical therapy lol def my fave purchase of the month might actually be the cheapest: a stained glass light bulb! It looks beautiful in my lamp!

Kamon app + other selfies

I loved playing around with the Kamon app camera that adds random filters & light leaks to your photos ^ I’ve also been loving doing smaller, sectioned off braids in my hair for work/PT/or just when I’m on a 2nd-hair day a lot more often this month. It’s a wonderful style to keep it all out of my face! Oscar is always a fave & he even let me take a few selfies with him haha plus I finally got in my Defend Our Friends Cool Shirtz tee that supports the relief efforts in Australia: it’s super cute & super helpful ❤

Animal stuff

We saw some healthy-looking baby whites at Petco this month, but we aren’t ready to get any new ones as of yet. They also has some beautifully contrasting lizards ^ we took Oscar to the vet again & he has lost some weight, so we’re gradually starting him on this renal support diet. He’s done well with the wet food, but he just got sick today from only the tiniest portion of dry food on its own. So it may be that the wet type is our only option, but it’ll be great if we can get him eating more than once a day again! Otherwise he’s doing well & still tries to get in the shower with us (or is at least curious about the bathtub). Posted him on my Instagram story with Justin and we reached 500 followers on the frogs’ ❤

This month was a favorite in and of itself. I finally feel like I’m making headway with the physical therapy, I got my migraines in check, and I spent all my money lol we’ll work on that last one but tbh I’m feeling better everyday & I think we should all strive for that. Hope you had a fantastic February! Thanks a million for your support as always xo

6 thoughts on “February fav0rites

  1. Looks like you had an amazing month! ✨ Are Dunkin’ Donuts similar to Krispy Kreme? The breakfast sandwiches look yummy and remind me of McDonald’s breakfast 🤤 Love the brand YesTo, my sister is crazy about their tomato facemasks. Hope you have a good March! 💕

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    1. Thanks! I think they’re better than Krispy Kreme, personally haha but all donuts are good (: the gluten-free English muffins are actually the exact ones they serve at Denny’s *so yummy* and YAS the YesTo face masks are amazing too! Hope your March is great as well, thanks so much for your awesome comment ❤

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  2. Mmmm looks like you ate SO much good food this month! I’ve been making a similar breakfast sandiwch the past few days with an english muffin, fried egg (I actually just learned how to make a fried egg this week haha), and turkey patty. And so glad you got your migraines under control!

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