Feeling lucky?


E D I T ~ this giveaway is now closed ~

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all & welcome to a very special multi-giveaway post! I’ll be sharing the products/items you could win below, but don’t forget to keep reading for the list of requirements to enter & try your luck on this holiday (:

*this giveaway will close in exactly one week: on March 24th*

YOU WILL ONLY WIN ONE OF THE PRIZES LISTED: shoes, black & white set, or color set (entering for all 3 will not result in winning all 3 for yourself, but does raise your chances of winning any one prize)

Bamboo periwinkle jelly sandals from Dollskill (size 7US/38EU)

These came in the wrong size & when the company sent me a replacement they said to keep the original pair! So I’m making them a separate part of today’s giveaway. They’re a size 38 (Europe) or size 7 (US) so please only enter if these will fit you or someone you’d like to gift them to…

To enter for your chance to win:

Follow my blog

Like this post

Comment that you’d like to win the shoes, let me know if they’ll be for you or if you’re looking to win them for someone else

For an extra entry:

Share this post and/or my blog in general to any of your social media platforms

Each platform or account will count as an (1) extra entry for the jelly sandals

The products/items in the giveaway ^

From top to bottom:

Patterned bandana

Garnier care cream (hair)

Lime Crime plushies soft focus lip veil in “Dragon Fruit”

Art pin (yellow)

Winky Lux x Marzia lipstick in “Dattero”

Ouai volumizing hair spray

Amika bust your brass violet leave-in treatment foam

Double-heart sterling silver necklace

Tarte parkave princess Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer

Face & body jewels (2)

Art pin (red)

Sugar contour de force mini blush

Tarte ready set radiant skin mist

Verso super facial serum

Cake heavy cream body butter balm

Make moonlight primer

Two chances to win

I thought of running an Instagram poll after I posted my last blog, so I’m sure I didn’t get as much engagement as I could’ve if I would’ve told you all before! But I do appreciate everyone’s help in deciding how to separate these items in to 2 different giveaway packages. The winner categories were “Black & White” and “Color” so the photos above showcase which items you can win in each package ^

How to enter:

Follow my blog

Like this post

Comment with which set of products you’d like to win (you can comment both in the same comment or separate comments if you just want to be put in the running for either category)

For extra entries:

Share this post and/or my blog link to any of your social media platforms

Each separate platform or account will count as an (1) extra entry

What to do once you’ve won…

I will reply to your comment when you have been chosen as a winner (if you commented both sets, I will let you know which batch you’ve won)

Email me your full name & address at: forsyth.n.shannon@gmail.com where I will then print your shipping label to send you your winnings!

*REMINDER* these giveaways are open until March 24th ~ entries are accepted worldwide ~ although your package may be held by the shipping company or postal office for an indeterminable amount of time as we’re still in (COVID-19) outbreak*

I love doing stuff like this as a way of showing you all my appreciation for your constant support, engagement, and overall positive response to my blog. I look forward to hosting more in the future, including an Ipsy giveaway which would include all the “face makeup” items I’ve received in my bags since I’ve joined that I haven’t, don’t, and won’t be using! You can also leave a comment if you’d be interested in such a giveaway…maybe you’ll get another entry into these? Who knows (:

Thanks so much a billion times over xo

21 thoughts on “Feeling lucky?

  1. When I say I’m hyped for all your giveaways though. Dude I’m still excited about the last giveaway prize and I got so much nostalgia seeing this titleee. I’m not that greedy but here I am entering every Kityp0p giveaway. You need to make a rule on your next one that says Bayance can’t enter these anymore loll. The colour set seems super pretty though so I’d love to enter that one. All the best to everyone entering! I won’t fight anyone this time 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ohhh I didn’t get here on Paddy’s day because I was celebrating with my boyfriend but I’m glad the giveaway is still open! You’re honestly so sweet to be doing this for your followers Shannon ❤️
    I want to enter to win the colour set! I love Tarte makeup and I’m such a winky lux fangirl too!

    PS: I really hope you and your boyfriend are staying safe right now and that you’re in good health 💜 x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for this sweet comment! I’ll def enter you in for the color set (: we’re staying isolated for the next week, so hopefully we won’t need to anymore after that *but at least we have animal crossing* hope you’re doing alright thru all this madness as well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaah thank you so much! Also you’re so generous to do a giveaway like this. I’ve already shared it everywhere I could so I hope you saw!
        Being isolated with animal crossing for a week sounds like a good way to make use of your time to be honest! It’s such a positive game haha
        Thanks girl! France is a complete shit show at the moment because we basically can’t go outside at all but it’s not too bad! Hopefully this will all be over soon 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH😭💖 I’ll send the email right away! Thank you so much Shannon! I’m beyond excited to receive all the goodies! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Checking back here to see if anyone wanted colour set and looks like everyone did 😂 I couldn’t pick between colour and black and white and then I realized I can enter for both so here’s my entry for black and white! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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