March fav0rites


Welcome to the last day (and post) of March! We made it…but I’ll be going to an urgent care again tomorrow to be re-evaluated for my “virus” symptoms & get a flu test just to rule it out one more time. But today is about the good stuff, so let’s jump into what I loved this month (:

Food & drink (even for the cat)

We loved us some Starbucks in March, but honestly when do we not? I even made Justin a nice brunch one early afternoon! We tried a hard iced tea that was delicious & some fruity lemonades we really enjoyed. Of course the Mezeh meal we shared with Mom & Steve was super yummy. But otherwise we’ve been ordering in quite a bit being isolated…there will be an entire post dedicated to that time frame coming soon + I finally ordered Oscar’s vet-specific food to help with his renal failure. It smells awful, but he loves it and we’re really hoping it helps!

Out in the world/nature

Before we were told to quarantine, we did get outside some! You may have seen in my previous posts about us going to Maymont earlier this month & also visiting our local nursery…I’m extra grateful for those times now that we’ve had to stay in so long. But I’ve also loved tracking the growth of our plants at home: our prickly pear has some kind of bloom ^ anyone know if it’s a fruit or another paddle coming in? Let me know in the comments!

Actual fun stuff?

Obviously, the characters above aren’t “real” animal crossing designs, but we found a fun website that mimics the style ^ I’m still checking in to my daily tarot app to draw cards. Decided to get my physical therapy team a nice gift when I had my last session, so hopefully they’ll find the joy I did in getting Starbucks after leaving lol we got Oscar a cute little green polo for St. Patrick’s Day! Justin & I found this super silly way to take selfies from a TikTok we watched where a guy used panorama mode to do it…very entertaining (:

That’s about it. Not the usual faves, but there’s many more to come. Stay safe xo

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