March’s n0tes


With isolation/quarantine & Animal Crossing’s newest release happening last month, you can bet I didn’t get much else done! I did accomplish some awesome stuff though, so I hope you’ll read on…

Make banana bread & no-bake cookies

I made some gluten-free banana bread at home with Justin in March, but we were unfortunately suggested to self-isolate about half way into the month…meaning we couldn’t go out to get certain ingredients that we’d need for the no-bake cookies. So this goal was half complete, but still super yummy! I’ll look forward to making the peanut butter/chocolate goodness another time…

Host a giveaway

If you haven’t been in the loop, I did totally crush this goal as I got all the products together for the giveaway & actually shipped the packages out to 2 separate winners! Thank you everyone for supporting my post whether you entered or not. The jelly sandals are still up for grabs if any of you are a size 7US/38EU (just leave a comment saying you want them & they’re yours)…

Start a new book

The epic fail of last month’s goals lol I did start a new game…but I’ll definitely be reading ONE of these ^ next time I can pull myself away from Animal Crossing (:

I hope everyone had the best March they could in spite of the state of things worldwide. Keep your heads up & hands washed, we’ll get through this! I’m already diving into this month’s checklist, so wish me luck lol have a wonderful weekend xo

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