Fr0gs and the feline


This isn’t what I was planning on posting today, but I couldn’t seem to pull myself away from Animal Crossing to be presentable for selfies in the past week or so lol but I’ve got lovely photos of my pets to share! I hope you enjoy them (:

Frogs on my blog

The two beauties we’ve got are adoring having us home so much lately. They’ve got a calcium bath recently & plenty of worms for snacks! We added a new branch to their tank, but we think Fear is a little intimidated by it as he hasn’t ventured up high just yet. Misery is still holding home plate in the orange…we swear one day she’ll be too big for it, but that hasn’t come!

Oscar popped his collar

We got our fluffy man an adorable green polo for St. Patrick’s Day ^ he’s been in our laps almost everyday, and I think I even caught him watching me play my Switch the other night lol we’ve got him on a renal support diet since his last vet visit, so we’re hoping that helps him stay healthier longer. He’s def doing well with eating!

Just some quick updates & cute pics of our animal babies. Hope you’re all having a splendid week, see ya this Friday xo

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