Bye bye blue


Finishing off the week with the last installment of my monochromatic series! Time for blue, which has only been compiled from screenshots on my current phone, so there’s definitely not as much content to choose from as the previous colors were…but I hope it’s still enjoyable for the start to your weekend (:

^ I’ve been on WordPress for 3 years ^

Definitely doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging for that long, but I think I’ve come a long way even if this isn’t one of my most proud post since it’s a bit lazy lol I couldn’t have done it this long without your support though. Thank you, all of you (:

4 thoughts on “Bye bye blue

  1. Aw this is a cool theme! I love your little frogs haha just out of curiosity what do you feed them? Also you have dream nails. Your nails must be really strong to get that length without breaking! Oh and what is that picture it looks like little characters of you and your bf holding up those flying lanterns? It’s so cute!

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    1. Thanks a lot! We feed them mainly live crickets, but sometimes mealworms or dubia roaches as snacks. I use a nail strengthener that’s like a clear polish, so I think that’s def helped (+ not being at work lol). That app is actually called Zepeto- you can create and avatar & customize them however you like, then take tons of cute photos! So happy you liked this post (: thanks again for your lovely comment

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  2. Three years! Happy three years, love! Idk how long I’ve been following you but I’m happy I do 🙂

    It’s so brave of you to take care of frogs tho! But isn’t it kinda hard to take care of them? Or like.. what if.. they accidentally leave their place and you don’t know where they went…?? Hahaha omg it’s giving me anxiety 😅

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    1. Thank you so much! Your support has always been a shining light (: and I don’t think it’s possible for them to get out of the type of cage we have, but they’re too lazy to even try haha no worries


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