Styling the scales


It’s finally here! I pulled myself together yesterday to get this whole thing done in time to post. Idk how I managed to put it off for so long lol

I’ve seen a few people doing these zodiac makeovers lately & it looked like a lot of fun to try. Here’s my take on it as a Libra!

Nail fail

I was gonna choose a nice taupe/nude nail polish color, but of course my nails decided to be the most uneven they’ve been in months -_- the thumb & index are normal length, pinkies broke off, and the other 2 are longer than I’ve had them. Bizarre. So just imagine I’d done one of those colors ^

Braiding balance

The hairstyle for my sign was thankfully one I could easily pull off ^ just two skinny braids on the sides with pretty pins in the back! Peep my still-not-dyed ends…might finally take the plunge on that front tomorrow, so keep an eye out (:

Hard to choose

I found multiple outfit boards for my sign, but none of them really clicked as something I’d wear (and I also couldn’t find them in my wardrobe), so I took bits from them to build something I actually vibe with. I somehow forgot to take pictures of my shoes, but y’all know my black Coach loafers! I tried to match the shirt in one of the collages + some classic wash high-waisted jeans. It turned out very blue lol

Makeup to match

A glittery gold eye look + a nude, rosy lip to boot ^ I loved creating this with my NYX x Sabrina palette and one of my favorite MakeUp ForEver lipsticks. The way the shadow matched my lightened ends was just an added bonus of the whole look!

I had fun finding these little charts & putting the pieces of this makeover together. I would definitely do another “themed” one like this again. Let me know if you’d ever try this trend & what you thought of my take on the Libra sign (:

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