Ipsy f0r April


I don’t know about you, but after the rushed content that was my zodiac makeover…instead of taking a single day to prep a post, I’ve upgraded to two days! Lol I’m honestly actually more proud of this one because it came out better than I anticipated. The products I received this month weren’t too makeup-heavy, so the final look I created is very simple but there is a twist (so without further foreshadowing…let’s see what Ipsy had in store for me this month)!

The bag itself

OMG hello spring! Love the design of this month’s bag. It kinda reminds me of like a Kate Spade purse or something similar. The bamboo ring zipper is such a nice touch too, super fresh for the season. The almost-gold inside was a surprise, but I do like it! I think (based on the one video I saw) there might have been different color options for this bag…not exactly sure though ^-^

Group of products

Are y’all seeing how well these products match the bag? Precious ^ an interesting assortment of items in April’s subscription, but nothing I’ve ever tried before. So I was very excited to give them all a go!

Thann oatmeal face scrub

This smells lovely & of course I woke up with some sort of skin reaction on the sides of my face that was causing itching/burning. So…being smart, safe, and disappointed… I didn’t test this out yet. I’m major bummed (and I apologize for no real opinion on it), but I’m looking forward to my face calming down soon lol

Bellápierre Cosmetics mineral lipstick in incognito

I was very wary of this shade when I saw it in person. On the app, it looked much deeper, but it’s really like a light brown. The packaging is adorable with the textures sides & feels decent quality. I’ll give more insight during the final look/description!

Glossier priming moisturizer rich

My first Glossier product ^ immediately picked this when given the opportunity at the end of last month. I had high hopes for it & it delivered. The scent is subtle, but very nice. The texture is fabulous! Luckily it’s a thick formula, so you don’t need a lot (which is great since the sample is small). Definitely smoothed out the sides of my face where I was having some issues ^-^

Helios livin’ lovely nail polish

I had to rip the box to actually get this out, which for once I was sad for because the shade name isn’t on the bottle itself anywhere. This is a gorgeous mauve shade! I was honestly just thankful it wasn’t blue lol but as I mentioned in my previous post…my nails are like 3 different lengths right now & I didn’t think they’d look cute painted if I cut them all the shortest. You’ll obviously be seeing this on in the future!

Sugar Cosmetics wingman waterproof eyeliner in I’ll be black

I used this in my zodiac makeover ^ but today, it did that dry-erase marker thing where it was removing itself off my eyelids when I went over it…maybe just my oily lids or something? Filled the wings in (in the final look) with the Tarte sex kitten liner. So I’m a bit in the middle on this item. The packaging is matte & easy to hold, but the formula def isn’t my favorite!

Swatches + final look

A bold wing & a nude lip ^ the lipstick did go on a shade or two lighter than my natural lips, so it ended up making my teeth look less white in photos. But it wasn’t nearly as light of a brown as it looked in the tube. The matte finish wasn’t drying whatsoever, so whatever “mineral” lipstick is… I like it! I added some Snapscara from Maybelline since I didn’t receive one in this bag. If you can see, my hair is finally dyed (: the ends are the most saturated since 2 tubs of Overtone still wasn’t enough, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. I adore the ombré, blended type look for the bottom half of my hair. More photos will be in my notes where I take you through the whole process, so stick around for that at the beginning of May!

That’s it for my April Ipsy. Although I didn’t get to try the scrub or the nail polish just yet, I’m super happy with everything I got & really looking forward to using them in the future. Let me know what you think of this month’s bag/products + my look in the comments! I love hearing from y’all xo

6 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r April

  1. The pouch is really cute! Ooo I love oatmeal and I love a scrub, hope you get a chance to try it soon! I’ve heard a lot of the priming moisturizer! So many beauty profiles rave about this! Ooof, I’ve experienced the dry eraser situation and its very weird because on one hand its crumbly but it also makes for easy removal hmmm! The lipstick looks really good in the photos! I’m so into brown lips right now!

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