April fav0rites


Are y’all sick of me talking about Animal Crossing yet? I honestly hope you find as much joy as I do in the game just from the photos/screen caps I’ve been posting lately. It consumed my life this past month & for good reason: we weren’t doing anything else. Everywhere is closed, not working, etc. makes it super easy to sit on the Switch until it’s time to go to sleep again. Now there are a few other things I’ve included in April’s list of faves, but a vast majority of the images will be from New Horizons…


My island is always changing along with its residents & my character’s style. I’ve included multiple stages of my main bedroom designs + some of my favorite outfits I’ve managed to put together in the game! I hope you enjoy, def lemme know in the comments what you think (:

Oh right, there’s more

Watching our frogs without any handling or touching during this quarantine/isolation period has been a bit disheartening, but they’re so darn cute it’s hard not to smile just being around them ^ I’ve been addicted to semi-healthy (but still salty) snacks like pretzels with hummus & veggies in dip…these are trying times when the stores don’t have the “light” version of something in stock! Of course staying hydrated is a big part of keeping our bodies healthy, so we’ve done our best to keep the cabinet stocked with vitamin waters & V8 energy juices (the hydrate ones aren’t pictured, but I love those as well). Pretty sure I’ve just been leaving my salt lamp on 24/7 recently, it’s apparently good for you & it’s nice not playing my Switch in total darkness lol and you know I have a special low effort skincare routine for these workless weeks. Main products are facial spray, probiotic cream, and lip mask (:

Your girl obviously had to snag some of these deals that Ipsy’s been throwing in my inbox all month. I got my 3 orders all in one big box the other day, and I was surprised to find them in actual previous Ipsy bags (somehow I didn’t know they’d come like that), but they aren’t any color variations I don’t already have. I did order a mystery “spring” bag for my sister’s birthday coming up at the beginning of May, so I’ll most likely chuck the duplicate bags in with whatever items arrive!

Never fear, I did actually still set 3 goals for myself during this strange time…so I’d love it if you’d stick around until Friday to see how my notes for April went (: have a great rest of your week, stay safe, and as always THANK YOU xo

9 thoughts on “April fav0rites

  1. YOUR ANIMAL CROSSING PICS ARE GIVING ME SUCH FOMO! AHHH how I wish for a switch! And the one picture that really blew my mind was the dinosaur bones, omg, the amount of detail they had drawn into that is CRAZY! Your house, your town, your villagers are all so pretty my gosh! That must be the silver lining of this quarantine, getting the time to build your town and relationships with the animals!!! I love the black goth look, that’s just too cool!
    Your snacks are pretty healthy! And wow that salt lamp is so cool! I kinda want one! Yes to low-effort skincare, I’m so ready to finish up all my excess and just keep it to minimal! I can’t wait to see your notes! Stay safe and happy Shannon!

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