Ipsy f0r May


I’m still in disbelief that next Monday is the first day of June, but I was very fortunate to have received my Ipsy in time for me to get all the photos ready for this month’s post. I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t have it in time with the madness our world seems to be slowly creeping out of…all uncertainties aside, I’m super excited to share these products & my reviews of them with you today (+ I feel like the pictures I got are fairly decent compared to previous months’). So let me quit rambling and start:

The bag & the mix

May’s bag is so pretty, exuding those spring-into-summer vibes ^ and I adore the yellow inner lining as I adore all things yellow! The outside has a soft, faux leather feel & they kept the zipper simple. The products inside are kind of an interesting mix as I received 2 skincare items, a hair item, some dark colored eye makeup, and a brush. I was definitely looking forward to trying them all which seems to have been a rare thing with some of my more recent Ipsy assortments…

Ciaté London fierce flicks in black

At first, I was a bit let down to see another liquid liner in my bag, but I’m truly always trying to find the very best one. This one comes close! I was majorly impressed by how easily I applied a wing (no touch-ups) & it lasted through a hot walk outside with clean removal that night. I will definitely be using this again, probably all summer (:

TheBalm Cosmetics autobalm day 2 nite in Lombard St.

This one I was just straight up confused about ^ the little card that comes with the bag said the “theme” of this month was GLOW or something…there’s nothing glowy to me about a chocolate brown eyeshadow. I’m sure it could come in handy down the line if I need a transition shade for a darker look or decide on a smoky eye look. Otherwise, it wasn’t anything special and deserved the rating of only 3 out of 5 stars

F.A.R.A.H. Brushes large blender 25el

Now I can forever use more eyeshadow brushes and this one was lovely! I’ve only used it to apply the eyeshadow I just mentioned to the creases of my eyelids, but it did a beautiful job & I’m sure it’ll make great friends with my other brushes lol

Marc Anthony true professional 100% extra virgin coconut oil & shea butter leave-in conditioner

A blessing for someone with my hair type, length, style, etc. I’m just happy to have such a nice hair product that will actually prove useful. Not too much to say about it though, other than it’ll be emptied quickly with all my tangled strands!

OneKind dream cream nighttime moisturizer

This was the item I chose for my bag & I’m so glad I did! My skin has been kinda unpredictable since not working has taken away practically every bit of stress I had. The weather is changing, as is my diet, and as are my sleeping habits. So I can count on a product like this to nourish my skin overnight with moisture, that way I don’t find myself waking up looking worse than I did before bed lol it feels lovely on my face and I’m 100% sure I’ll be buying more (:

First Aid Beauty FAB pharma arnica relief & rescue mask

Y’all must think I’m really a slave to the add-ons, but Ipsy just knows how to lure me in. I love First Aid Beauty & this was something from them I hadn’t tried before. I used it last night before bed, let it sink in as the directions say, and my face felt so soft this morning! I’m just relieved to not having a negative reaction to it (as I am with all new skincare). Will definitely be using this often & will restock whenever I decide to do a big First Aid Beauty haul!

The look

Simple ^ just a long wing and a flush of color to deepen the crease. The lip color is also from Ipsy, but I’ve caved into getting a few of their bundles while bored in isolation. More on that in this month’s notes post coming very soon (it might even get split into 2 parts there’s so much content). Looking forward to sharing a lot more with you all in the next week or so!

A sneak peek

A few of the additional Ipsy specials I used in this look ^ more in-depth reviews on them in a future post, so keep an eye out! Thanks so much for your continued support xo

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