May fav0rites


It’s been a wonderful month & I hope you’re looking forward to the summer (or winter if you like in the Southern Hemisphere) season ahead just as much as I am! Here’s what I enjoyed most in May:

Food & drink

First category is what everyone reads favorites posts for, let’s be honest lol we had some yummy stuff this month ^ from all of our trips around town we ended up grabbing lunch out way more than usual, but we did go grocery shopping forreal the other day! Otherwise, we’ve made smoothie breakfast bowls (and a few other dishes I didn’t photograph). I also was happy to find my favorite jerky online, so I bought a ton/enough to get free shipping. We finally got bubble tea again too! Unfortunately, a lot of places here are still closed, but we found an open shop that we had never tried & their matcha boba was delicious (:

Out & about

I’ve either already posted the bulk of these photos or their awaiting an upcoming one ^ but here’s just a few of the stragglers as far as the “outdoors” category goes lol we’re in the middle of a front yard makeover, so don’t mind the complete lack of grass in that picture… I was mainly trying to focus on the sheets of rain that came down the other morning. Tropical storm, but luckily not too much wind yet!

Animal(s) crossing

Since I just did a pet post, I didn’t wanna overflow this one with Oscar & the frogs but I had to include these adorable few!

@home salon

It only took 4 hours, but I gave Justin a haircut ^ I’ve never even attempted to cut anyone’s hair before, so this was nerve-wracking to say the least. It came out pretty decent though & he loves it so that’s all that matters (: lemme know what you think in the comments! Have you ever cut your own hair or a relative/significant other’s?

Not a toy

Finally got myself a nice knife & with such cool details! In the process of getting my concealed carry permit, and also looking for the right handgun for me. I think we’ve found it, but I obviously want to rent one & shoot it before committing to buying. I’ll def post whenever I do get it though- do let me know in the comments if you’re interested (:

Trying something new

Drove Justin’s new whip (which I didn’t like), but it certainly was different than anything else I’ve driven lol tried a new hairstyle & some makeup that you’ll see more of in future posts just wanted to give y’all a sneak peek you knoooooow 😉

Those were my faves for the month of May! I hope you enjoyed a look through these fun photos from the past few weeks. Let me know what kind of stuff you’d like to see on the blog coming up- always feel free to comment any thoughts/opinions you have ❤

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