May’s n0tes (part 1)


Happy June & stepping stone to summer! I’m very excited to be sharing some of the photos (and screenshots) of my notes from last month. I have so many though, that I have to split it into 2 separate posts…the second of which is just a straight-up lookbook created with everything I’m going to show you in the pictures below:

The preview

Since most of the physical try-on photos will be in the part 2 post, I’m thinking of this as more of a preview of my notes (: I’ve listed above some of the things I used/wore in May to achieve my “goals” and an actual list of what those goals were. Obviously that last one I couldn’t get a picture of, but I finally convinced Justin to watch Reign with me & he’s loving it! We’re almost halfway through season 2 already…

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

The items/products I’ve bought in the past 2 or 3 months were starting to pile up in the spare room…something needed to be done! Since we were still mostly quarantined, I figured it was as good a time as any to push through everything I hadn’t tried yet. The range was varied as you can tell from the photos ^ we tried a ton of new sauces from Terrapin Ridge, I got a massage roller for Justin, and a heated sloth plushie for myself. Caved to try those plastic scrunchies & they matched so well with my jelly sandals that I finally unboxed (after getting the correct size). I purchased the most beautiful tarot card set that is illustrated with the coolest tattoo art! Got myself the summer essential of a fan on a lanyard, this one lights up & is shaped like a little bear *so cute* speaking of adorable items: cow print camera bag ^ not to mention the over abundance of clothing- most of which will be seen in the next post- and skincare/makeup products I’d been needing to test out. Most of which I loved (:

Start a new island on the Switch Lite

I did it! This go around, I got orange trees with a matching orange airport (hence the name of the island). I also started with Agnes & Mac ^ this was at the very beginning of last month, so I already have it decorated to perfection as a 5-star island:

Friends all around

I brought Cyrano over to this island after replacing him with Kiki on my first island. I’ve also made homes on Arancia for Merengue, Ozzie, Puddles, Shep, Whitney, Tia, and Maple & I love them all! I might try to get Tangy as everything here is very orange-centric lol what do you think?

A passing glance

I did see these sweeties on Nook Miles Islands as I was searching to populate Arancia, but I already have Octavian on my first island lol and I know some people love the penguin & cub I left, but more for you!

Extras from Arancia

I had a lot of fun taking pictures in the game whenever I would have my first “self” over to my second island or vice versa ^ almost twins, but I didn’t want them to look 100% the same lol the new items in-game starting this month have been exciting to say the least. With 2 islands, you’d assume I’d be playing more than ever, but I’ve been able to put the Switches down once I did my daily tasks on each island since I’ve already achieved the milestones needed to unlock the whole game. I still enjoy it so much though (:

Sorry that last note got a bit long-winded, but by now y’all know how I am when I’m talking Animal Crossing! I hope you did enjoy the photos & please stick around this coming Friday for part 2 of my notes xo

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