May’s n0tes (part 2)


Here’s the lookbook of all the new clothing/accessories/makeup I tried last month as the biggest goal on my checklist…

Sun dress, bralette & brown belt bag

This gorgeous pastel green sun dress is from Target, super affordable & fits fairly well. The sage colored bralette is from Aerie & is one of my new favorite clothing items, perfect for under a dress with too deep of a v-neck for my personal taste. The brown belt bag is from Princess Polly & was part of my first purchase from them! It’s adorable with the gold accents + perfect for a hands-free summer day while still carrying whatever you need (:

Color block pullover from Urban

I was really excited to get this, but after trying it on…the fit was just not what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, the sleeve cuffs are a horrible ruched material that doesn’t go with the overall feel of the jacket & the oversized-ness is the main feature as it doesn’t drape enough to avoid looking boxy. I do adore the color scheme & the length, because it boasted of being “cropped” but still reached the top of my pants. Crossing my fingers I find something similar that doesn’t have those cons (:

Playboy x Missguided

I saw Roxi try on a ton of items from this collab (they have added even more on site since then), and I fell in love with the look of this extra-oversized tee shirt dress in yellow. The decals are reflective which is just a dope bonus, it’s incredibly soft & well made! Perfect cover-up for swim season (:

Roxi x Revolution

Speaking of Roxi, she released a trio of liquid lipsticks with Revolution that I had to try for myself. It was my first time buying with that makeup brand & I was happily surprised to see how affordable this pack was (only $15). I did find them drying a bit, but my lips are always extra sensitive to that. They’re definitely long-wear as it took some makeup remover & quite a bit of scrubbing to take them off! I do adore the colors though, and I tried 2 of them on for photos…the third shade is a bit too light for my liking, so I’ll probably pass it on to a friend or include it in a giveaway. Let me know in the comments if you’d want to see it in a future giveaway (:

Chiffon set, bralette & black stud purse

I was a bit wary to buy this chiffon set from Nasty Gal as I assumed it would be cheap feeling & an uncomfortable fabric, but I was blown away by how soft it is! I also love the design & colors in it. A bandeau was included, but I switched that out for another bralette from Aerie, this time in maroon ❤ when I tell you this black studded purse has been glued to my side- I mean it! It was only $25 from Nasty Gal, it’s the perfect size, it’s structured well, and the gold accents again are to die for…

Bralette (again)

Here’s another outfit I put together with the same bralette ^ this is the coziest combo & the colors are adorable together!

Hair bobbles, nail polishes & portable animal fan

I’ve seen so many beauty influencers rave about these plastic scrunchies, so I figured I’d give them a go when I saw them in an Ipsy bundle ^ they did work well to hold my little pigtails, but sometimes they don’t want to come out of my hair…so idk how often I’ll be reaching for them (at least until I get a substantial haircut). I tried on close to all of the nail polishes I’d recently received from Ipsy bundles & I have to say, the nude shade on my pinky fingers: worst nail polish ever. The formula didn’t even feel like a lacquer, more like glue, it was near impossible to clean up edges without ruining the rest of the nail…just please don’t buy CONTEXT “nail polish” but on a happier note lol this portable bear-shaped fan I ordered from Urban is the cutest! I’m always one to overheat, so a gadget like this is a must have for me in the summer. It lights up, has different speed settings, charges with USB, and it’s foldable so you can set it on any flat surface. I might change out the actual lanyard part for something sturdier though as it comes with just a standard ribbon one (:

Mesh tee & jelly sandals

Can y’all believe last month was the first time I unboxed & wore those jelly sandals I had to get the correct size for? Well, now I can say they fit & I love them just as much as the pink heeled ones. They were the perfect pop of color in this outfit that’s totally black & white ^ the mesh tee is from Princess Polly and I think it’s just lovely under this white bodysuit! I will say, if you’re thinking of buying it- the middle seam (just under the chest) isn’t elastic…it was a struggle to get in & out of this top, but it’s def worth it since a larger sized wouldn’t have looked as good under tank tops like the bodysuit. What do you think of this layered look for summer? Let me know in the comments (:

Sneak peek?

The final look was in my Samborghini top from Dollskill ^ just thought my baby hairs looked cute all curled on my forehead lol and the last photo of this post is a hint at an upcoming lookbook…can you guess the style? 😉

Thank you for taking the time to scroll through all the outfits/looks I created in May with new pieces & products. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section! As always, enjoy the weekend xo

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