Hightailing thru June


I wanted to make my pet posts a monthly series, but decided not to limit myself to a specific spot in the line-up. So here we are with June’s furry (and slimy) friends…

Timid time

Misery didn’t want to have her photo taken much lately as we’re sure she’s getting too big for her beloved hide. I’ve DIYed a new, larger one, but we need to clean & dry it once more before it’s totally safe for the froggos! Then I hope Fear will join her during naps as they can both fit in the upcoming addition to their tank…sorry I don’t have anymore frog snaps to share today, but there’s many to come (:

He’s back

Our little man first emerged from his hibernation on the first of this month, but I got to see him just the other day when he was bravely trotting up our driveway! Then we saw him peeking out of his home near our shed the other morning ❤

Retirement treats well

Oscar went to the vet this month for a checkup & she said he’s doing very well. He’s gained back the weight he lost while we were trying to find the right diet for him, so now he’s even healthier! We’ve been feeding him a sensitive digestion dry food (daytime) & his usual extra gravy wet food (nighttime). Making sure he gets his liver-flavored powdered probiotic at some point & his Gabapentin before bed. I treated him to a lightweight summery shirt & Justin commented “it looks like he’s retired” which I thought was hilarious and true… what do you think?

Those were all the pet pictures I have so far for this month. If/when I take more during the next 2 weeks, they’ll either be posted in my monthly favorites or the next installment of this series. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog & I hope these photos brought a smile to your face. Have a wonderful weekend xo

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