What’s in a name?


I recently watched one of Naomi Jon’s YouTube videos in which she completed the “challenge” of dressing herself in only clothes that surfaced by searching her name. I’m far too impatient to actually order them, wait for them, try everything on, and then return them lol so instead… I decided to find these various clothing items online & just share the screenshots in little sections of what I would choose to make an outfit out of. I feel as if I’m making this way more confusing than it has to be, but you’ll see what I mean!

Outfit #1: loungewear

I paired these two for the obvious reason of matching color & material/style. It’s simple, but something I would probably wear myself in some kind of way…

Outfit #2: cool girl casual

This pairing has a bit more to it as I found shoes, a bag, and even jewelry to go together. Although it doesn’t perfectly match, it’s got that effortlessly cool vibe (:

Outfit #3: hot date?

I’m not too sure what my thoughts were when putting this one together…but it’s not totally trash I guess! The earrings are dope, and I would kill to get my hair as straight as that wig lol so shiny

Outfit #4: vacation station

These pieces all screamed tropical vacay to me & while I doubt I’d wear these exact clothes, the silhouette of the whole look is def super cute for summer (:

Outfit #5: business b&w

This is what I imagine I would dress like if I was a fancy businesswoman or worked high up in some sort of office job. It’s very muted since there’s no colors, but the structure of the pieces also helps make it look even more sophisticated/formal chic…

Outfit #6: groovy goddess

One of my favorite outfits from this whole search! It screams disco/hippie era with the cut of that dress & the blonde waves…just super fun, girly, and overall adorable ^-^

Outfit #7: little bit of rock n roll

The color scheme of this look gives me punk vibes with how dark the dress & the wig are, but with the slight sparkle of rose gold in the purse & necklace. It still has that sprinkle of fancy in it that really made me enjoy pairing these pieces!

Outfit #8: summer stunner

Last, but certainly not least- the short hair wig of my (mom’s) dreams? Digging the long white boots with the mini dress + the earrings seem like something my sister would love…or might even already have lol

That was it for this challenge. I would love to try something like this again someday where I actually buy the items & try them on or wear them out, but as Naomi mentioned in her video “everything is either too expensive or too ugly” so we’ll see what brands come out with in the future that they choose to name after me (:

I do hope you enjoyed something a little different for the blog. I typically only like to use my own photos, but it was refreshing to prepare a post like this. Thank you very much for joining me & as always, have a lovely weekend xo

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