I want it, I g0t it


A giant skincare, haircare, makeup, etc. haul is finally here! I’ve been wanting to try so many new/different products lately, so I figured I’d share what I ordered with you all. Then down the line, when I’ve used everything at least once…a sort of review type post will be compiled too. I’m always eager to hear your feedback, so please feel free to let me know what you think of this style of posting in my comments (:

X Mondo

I just received this box yesterday & was so excited to dig into it (you’ll see why during my Ipsy photos) ^ I picked out 4 products from Brad’s online store. I’ve only just tried out the Viper smoothing oil & O M G does it smell lovely not to mention making my hair feel like silk. Very high hopes for the rest of the bottles…

From Ulta & Target

The nail polishes weren’t exactly needed, but I wanted to try my hand at some nail art or at least different French tips or other simple designs. I was almost completely out of acne patches, so I stocked back up. This brand is great + affordable if you’ve been looking to try some. I’m also blown away by the cc cream from It Cosmetics (you’ll see that in my Ipsy post too)! I’m not even sure I’ll need the concealer since the aforementioned product smooths out my skin & evens the tone of it so perfectly. I read online that this NYX lip pencil I got was a dupe for the MAC one that matches their Velvet Teddy lipstick. Unfortunately, it’s a little lighter, but it still works well (:

Buying out Sephora

This purchase only began because I was running out of a few samples, mainly the Sunday Riley lactic acid treatment which was the most expensive product in this entire haul…but I figured I might as well treat myself to some other things I’ve either needed to restock for quite a while and also find a few items to just have fun with! Like the lashes were on sale for only $5 and who could turn down a “QUEEN” hairpin?

This was the entirety of my haul (at least everything that I’ve ordered that’s arrived so far). I hope you enjoyed & I look forward to posting about my experiences with all of these new products soon! Thank you again for reading, have a wonderful week xo

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