June’s n0tes


Happy July! Last month was a trip. It flew by & I feel like I didn’t even have a chance to do anything productive…but I did do a few things for myself I’ve been wanting to for a good while, so here’s that:

No eating/snacking between dinner & bedtime

This goal doesn’t have any photos for it, but it’s been something I wanted to start (or stop?) doing because I’m seeing a change in my body that I don’t like. I will be working out again soon, but we need a total cleansing of the slate when it comes to our house & clutter before I can find a spot to do my exercises! This has helped me feel a bit better about how my diet has been in quarantine, but it def hasn’t done any favors for me as far as energy levels. We’ve still been staying up way too late & waking with the same bad habit as well. Maybe I’ll try to get my sleep schedule back to something close to normal during July…

Get swimsuits that fit & feel good

I got these beauties from Kulani Kinis & what can I say? I’m loving them! The quality is spectacular, the fit is stellar, and the look slaps. We actually planned to go to the beach, but it was super stormy, so we postponed. I’m def still really excited to go & wear one of these sets. I got all the same cut of bottoms (high-waisted cheeky), but different style tops for each pattern. Not sure which one I like most…let me know which one is your fave in the comments (:


Finally, ya girl is here for hot girl summer. A bunch of things I’d been wanting to try/do for a long time: gel nails, laser hair removal (and electrolysis), keratin hair treatment, contact lenses, cc cream (as a less-than-foundation type of base product)…overall I just feel really accomplished after June if only for the things I did for myself. I don’t know why I ever held back on trying this stuff before!

July is the time for working more on the environment I’m surrounding myself with & really changing my mindset. I’m hoping to be able to manifest some motivation, gain some energy, and be even more healthy! Let me know some of your short-term and long-term goals in the comments & I just hope y’all have a wonderful (holiday-USA) weekend xo

3 thoughts on “June’s n0tes

  1. Wow what a month to do all those things!! The contacts look great 😉 but seriously though aren’t they a game changer?! I’ve always worn contacts and I can’t imagine wearing glasses all day. And I didn’t know you live close to the beach! Those swimsuits looks amazing on you. I feel like your confidence is just radiating through them! I def gained some weight during quarantine. My goal was to try to be slim for my wedding but since that’s been postponed there go my body goals lmao

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    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I actually wanted to get contacts specifically FOR my wedding day, but obv wanted to get used to wearing them well before then. I love them so far! You’re too kind about the swimsuits ❤ we can catch up on our workouts together haha

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