Furball frenzy


Welcome to this month’s pet post! I honestly love that I’ve made this a series cause who doesn’t love seeing photos of pets & adorable animals? So here they are:

Not ours

The first 2 pictures are some sweet little bunnies we saw in our backyard and the next is a photo of my mom’s precious pup Macy! The last 2 pictures are unfortunately part of one of the worst days I’ve had in a while that I’d rather not get into in detail, but the groundhog that was captured by our neighbor was safely released by a kind officer back into our backyard where he lives under our old shed. All I’ll say about the situation is that Justin saved him ❤

Fear & Misery

Our lil froggos got a new & improved hide/perch since the orange was becoming increasingly limiting to Misery’s rapidly growing body. We call the new DIY their “mailbox” and they’re still getting used to it, but Misery has also liked sitting atop the big branch as of late. We gave Fear a relaxing calcium soak a few days ago which really helped out his shedding that seemed to be a bit stuck. He’s def feeling better after the pampering (:


Our fluffy buddy has been doing well too! He’s still got a great appetite, vocal as ever, and seems to be getting around just fine for his age. He loves cuddling & attention as per usual lol just a total ham for the camera & sometimes it feels like he actually knows how to pose. Super cute lil guy ❤

That’s all for July’s pet post. I hope these photos brought a smile to your face & joy in your heart today! Thanks for your support xo

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