Quickest way t0 the heart


Happy Friday all & welcome to a date night post! These were two different nights, but both just as wonderful spending time with each other & eating spectacular foods (:

Making muffins

We whipped up a batch of blueberry muffins the other night (at like 9 o’clock) and the next morning- once they had cooled sufficiently- we iced them with lemon icing for the sweetest breakfast ever! It was a lot of fun baking together & I’m sure it’s something we’ll be doing again soon…but probably at night again since the oven makes the house quite warm *bleh*

Bar • ti • zan

We got a royalty card for this new bar near the mall area where we live, so Justin invited me out on a little dinner & drinks date! It was such a nice place, plus the food was delicious (and drinks were too). Even without our discount, the prices weren’t any worse than comparable restaurants. If you’re curious about my “date night” look, I’ll be posting it again in my favorites later this month with a better photo of the full outfit ❤ thank you for stopping by xo

10 thoughts on “Quickest way t0 the heart

  1. Omg its so lovely how you and justin make the effort to do something special for date nights! And your makeup is so 🔥 your face is so glowy and everything just looks great!!!

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