Mini update


I wasn’t really sure what to post today, so I figured I would give you guys a quick update on my life & what I’ve been up to lately. But to keep it on-brand, it’ll still of course be mostly pictures lol enjoy!

Being more open to trying new things

I’ve been testing out more products lately than ever & although I’m only sharing a few in this post, I’m working on a future post that’ll be full of my thoughts & experiences with everything I’ve tried! The first few photos are some rough selfies, so pardon my I-just-woke-up look…but I finally got one of those ring lights you can attach to your phone. It has three settings (hence the variation in brightness), and it just clips right on the top of my phone! So easy & I can’t wait to use it more for when the lighting isn’t ideal. I also got a gel manicure a while back & took it off at home recently with a mix of methods. I soaked my fingernails in acetone wrapped in foil for 30 minutes, but I had to do it a few times before I was able to scrape the rest off with some manicure sticks. I know this isn’t the best way or the “right” way, but it was better than going back to the salon & paying like $15 for them to do it. Plus, I was really looking forward to putting on these fake nails from Static (: What do you think of them?

Summer outfits

I got this sweatshirt from Motel Rocks & I love it! I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear it with more than just some itty bitty shorts underneath, but it matches my Tevas really well. I also adore my overall dress from Nasty Gal with the matching chunky sandals…it was perfect for our date the other night (although a little stiff because of the newness of the denim). Which piece do you like more?

Style change-up

Since caving and finally getting on Pinterest, I couldn’t help but find tons of style inspiration ^ although online shopping has become my weakness, I’m really proud of myself for starting to actual build my “dream” closet (which is honestly just clothes I KNOW I’m going to wear). What do you think of these makeup looks & my outfits? Let me know in the comments!

I’ve been trying my best to keep busy since we aren’t completely in the clear with this virus yet. Justin & I find stuff to do to have fun regardless! Whether it’s playing games together, going out on dates, or usually just working at home. I’m so over the heat, but we’re still planning to go to the beach soon ❤ that’ll be a post all on its own, so keep an eye out! Thanks so much for reading xo

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