Just thr0w it in the bag


Hoping to raise everyone’s spirits this Friday by posting a carefree little haul of some things I’ve got in the mail recently!

EYE candy

I ordered some green colored daily lenses from 1-800-CONTACTS & while they’re super subtle, I really like the way they look! I also ordered a couple pairs of sunnies from Quay Australia since I don’t have to worry about having my Rx lenses anymore (as long as I have my contacts in obvi). Lastly, I’m going to try Glamnetic! So excited to put on these magnetic lashes since I’m absolute trash at putting on falsies with glue, but my order arrived sans the magnetic liner needed to wear them…they’re sending it separately, but it still hasn’t been delivered (even though it’s been over a week & it was supposed to be included in my original order UGH). I’ll def be back on here to show you guys how they look & give my honest opinion on the application process ^-^

Accessorize your life

I got the cutest sticker packs & temporary tattoos from Marzia’s online store: Maì Accents (not sure if they’re sold out yet, but go check if you’re interested). I haven’t decided where I want to put any of them yet…also, I caved & bought a belt lol I hate wearing them. They do prove to be a great addition to an otherwise plain outfit though, even if I don’t need them for holding up my pants! The one I picked is from Target so it was totally affordable ^ I dove back into Strike Gently Co.’s site once again to peruse their pins and picked up a few for myself & Justin. They have a deal when you buy 3 pins (or patches), they send you 2 random ones for free! I added the shaking hands to one of my lil purses, but still debating where the others will go. Justin got me the sickest keychain from Supreme. Tiny skeleton in an acrylic coffin? Yes, I’ll take one! It’s hanging on my current fave purse right now. I figured it was time to change my phone case up as well (y’all know I’m weak to the ads), so I went with the same company I had before: Casetify ^ I chose two different designs because every YouTuber & their mother has a discount code for this website. I have the tiger one on my phone as I’m typing this (:

Princie & Spock

I saw an ad (when does one of my hauls not start with that?) for this brand I’d never heard of called Princie. It featured a model wearing the white shorts ^ I ended up buying. I browsed the rest of their store to get my total up enough for free shipping cause I figured why not try a few things from this newly found clothing brand. Not pictured are some black velvet shorts with ruffles at the bottom hem cause they looked incredibly linty in the lighting I had for photos lol but I adore them & the rest of my mini haul (just realizing now I forgot to get a picture of the black socks with flames on them too…professional blogger). They sent me the wrong size bralette, but I got the replacement in today & the customer service was easy breezy! If you read all my posts, you’ve already seen the Spock merch. But I had to add it in here cause it’s just too dang adorable ❤

Hands (and nails) on

After the arduous journey that was removing my gel manicure at home, I had to pop on these gorgeous nails from Static. I then got targeted ads for other brands, so you already know I bought some more sets to change out in the future. These are from Clutch Nails ^ and they were just as inexpensive & seemingly high quality as the ones I have on at the moment, but I’ll be back with a full review once I’ve stuck them on! I ordered a custom ring from an Australian Etsy shop & it’s honestly my new fave piece of jewelry…the gold, the opal, the design…it’s just breathtaking ❤ and the Inkbox texts telling me they’re having a big sale roped me into buying 9 tattoos from them in one sitting. I let Justin put one on himself, but I put three on my hands/wrist the other night & now I want them for real. Maybe not these exact designs, but I’m living for the placement. If you’re unsure whether you want a specific looking tattoo or are unsure about how it’ll look in a certain place on your body- I highly recommend going with Inkbox first. It’s the perfect way to see how it’ll look (cause they look freaking real) and saves you money & the possible regret you could have if you just jumped into getting a real tattoo without being sure! I wish I had enough following to get a coupon code for y’all, but they seem to have some kind of sale going on all the time anyways (:

That’s it for this haul post. I hope you saw some things you liked, even if you’re just window shopping! But please do leave me a comment if you end up buying from any of these brands/websites. I would love to know (: have a wonderful weekend xo

2 thoughts on “Just thr0w it in the bag

  1. I chose two different designs because every YouTuber & their mother has a discount code for this website.

    Okay but I almost spat my water 😂😂 love your humour throughout this post! And beautiful items!

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