Ipsy f0r July


Another month flying by, another bag of Ipsy products to try! Enough jingles, let’s just jump into July’s reviews…

The bag & the mix

Lots of pink this time around! My bag had a few blemishes that I tried my best to remove with a magic eraser before taking photos, but you can still see a bit of it. The bag is strange cause it’s almost see-through, but I adore the airplane zipper. Give us more cool zippers, Ipsy! Not too much makeup in here…still a lot of things I’ve never seen before, so let’s go one by one (:

Raw Sugar Living natural lip balm in raw coconut + mango

I love this! I’m so happy it isn’t mint since my lips seem to hate anything minty. This smells so yummy & feels great on my lips. 5 big fat stars…thank you Ipsy! I’ll be for sure using this until it’s totally empty lol

SLMissGlam eye blender brush E25

Always happy to get more eyeshadow brushes, they’re always 5-star quality as well. This brand has such pretty designs!

Space Case Cosmetics eyeshadow in gold base

If you’ve been following my Ipsy posts for a while, you’ll know why I’m disappointed in this shadow: the shade! All I ever get from Ipsy when it comes to shadow are these shimmery gold/rose gold colors. I like using them, but I have so many that look almost exactly the same. It would be nice if y’all threw me a curveball with a different color in the future…thanks. Great brand though!

Huangjisoo sakura peeling radiance pads (pack of 10 pads)

This was a nice change of pace for my Ipsy bag: a skincare product that doesn’t come in a tiny squeezy tube! I love the comparable First Aid Beauty pads, so I was really looking forward to trying these. I used one before my “final look” and it felt very nice. Smells a tiny bit floral, but def not anything overwhelming. My skin felt refreshed after, not like I was having any reaction at all (which is saying a lot with how my skin’s been flaring up lately). I would totally buy these again, especially if they’re cheaper than the other brand (:

KVD Vegan Beauty tattoo liner in trooper

I’ve always wanted to try this liner, so when it showed up as a product I could choose to put in my Glam Bag for July…you know I jumped on that opportunity! I think it worked really great too. Super pigmented, like just barely touching it to my skin it started to show up a rich black. I prob rubbed both of my eyes at least 2 or 3 times after putting my makeup on since I’m not used to wearing it often & this stuff didn’t budge. I was worried it might be difficult to remove because of the staying power, but it wasn’t bad at all! A+ product

Purlisse Beauty illuminating BB cream SPF 30 in fair

Now, let’s have a conversation about this D- product…it says illuminating & for dry skin, but OMG was this drying on my face! I felt my skin starting to shed off on the sides of my face & around my nose (ew). Obvi this meant it did NOT give me the glow it’s promising. I immediately washed it off after taking my “final look” photo with it on. You’ll see…it ain’t cute lol

Luxie 205 tapered blending brush

Another lovely brush from Luxie! Their handles have this dip in them that makes it super easy to keep your grip. Perfection (:

Extra brushes

I don’t think I took a photo of these extra brushes I got a few weeks ago, but I adore them all of course ❤ SLMissGlam slays!

The final look

Simple ^ so thanks for keeping me boring, Ipsy! The first photo is just after using the radiance pad. The second photo is that bb cream on & I absolutely hate the way it looks. The rest of them are with that shadow all over my lids & the classic cat-eye liner. I added some mascara & a little lip gloss to make it complete since I didn’t receive any new ones in this month’s bag.

What do you think? Should I start leaving bad reviews on the products I keep getting basically the same shades in? It’s happened with berry lipsticks before lol let me know your thoughts & opinions in the comments. Hope you guys are all staying safe xo

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