July fav0rites


Time for my favorite reoccurring post to put together each month: my favorites!

Food & drink

Apologies to everyone who’s fave category is this one…looks like I haven’t kept up with taking photos of all our meals this month, but the ramen Justin made with an egg added to it was too good to leave out ^ I’ve also found my new favorite Starbucks creation: Venti guava passionfruit drink with almond milk instead of coconut + 3 scoops of matcha. Perfect summertime pick-me-up if you don’t typically like coffee!

Apps & games

I’ve loved using Snapchat filters in July, especially on those no-makeup days ^ another awesome photo app is Kamon which adds random filters to every picture & some of them come out really cool looking! I downloaded a new game on Justin’s PC called Ooblets. It’s in early access now, but there’s already so much to do in the game. The characters & artwork drew me in cause it’s so freaking cute (:

Fear’s final days

We spent his last days (unknowingly) taking the best care of him that we could, thinking it was a temporary sickness. Then he brought us the much-needed rains we had been desperately praying for ❤


Traded out my previous super holo medium coffin nails from Static for these “Hot Girl Stunner” long coffin nails from Clutch ^ the only difference I’ve noticed in quality is that these don’t stick on as well which I can narrow down to 2 reasons: they’re much longer, giving more room to get caught on things & the glue that comes with this set isn’t as strong as the Static Nails glue. So the ones that came off, I’ve just reattached with the Static Nails glue! This silver Fleur de Lis dangle earring is probably my new FAVE jewelry piece. It’s from a brand is never heard of…Rimor ❤

Fits & looks

These are my top makeup looks & outfits from this month ^ I left out one of the swimsuit sets, but there’s an exciting reason for that…stay tuned for my notes!

Which is your favorite out of these? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know (:

That’s all for July’s faves! Hope you enjoyed a look back at the best of my month xo

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