This is the first monthly pet post without our dearest Fear ❤ I’ll still be continuing the series featuring Oscar, Misery, and when he graces us with his mystical presence: the little man! Enjoy the photos…

Fear, never forgotten

We got the personalized stone in from Etsy for Fear’s burial spot in the yard. While we won’t be able to relocate him whenever we move out of this house, we can at least bring this memorial stone to our new home to always remember our darling frog ❤

The little man

Our own backyard cryptid ^ this adorable groundhog lives under the raggedy shed that came with our property. We will eventually get it replaced once the landscaping in the back is finished, but for now we enjoy seeing him whenever he decides it’s safe to pop his head out & explore. Sometimes we’ll even throw fruit that’s gone past-ripe in the yard for him (:

Misery + a frog spirit

Misery has been a lot more active lately since we added a UVB bulb to the tank. She’s enjoying basking on the bamboo, finding books in the tree for naps, and still loves to lay in her hanging mailbox & sing to us (sometimes multiple times per night). We also have been seeing more frogs outside our house, coincidentally enough, near the window above Fear’s spot. Justin & I agree they must be drawn here to help us heal…and help Fear feel somewhat comforted by the company of other frogs ❤

Kitty catties

Oscar is still doing very well, he sings to us at night too (although it doesn’t sound as nice as Misery’s croaks). He’s been cuddly & lazy like all cats should be. I can even get him into his little shirts most of the time…we’ve noticed it calms him down to wear them if he’s acting stressed or jumpy. We also met an outside friend the other day when pulling into the driveway ^ this cutie was sitting there with big baby eyes staring right at us. It laid down in our neighbors yard while we got our groceries into the house & then it was gone in an instant cause someone was walking their dog nearby lol

I hope these animal pictures put a smile on your face this Friday! I’ll see y’all again next Tuesday for brand new August content. Thanks as always for reading xo

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