Breaking the chains


With a new week starting, I felt what I most wanted to share today are some photos of us out & about recently (safely, of course). It’s mostly pictures, but aren’t you guys used to that by now? Enjoy (:

Mellow Mushroom date

This was the day I finally got my makeup right (or at least what I aim for) ^ we had a really nice time going out to dinner & even enjoyed a cocktail flight that was super yummy. I love the photos from this night!

Drive Shack

We talked about it at Thanksgiving, but that was back when my shoulders were a lot worse. Then the pandemic closed stuff down for a while, so we had to wait until a few weeks ago to have my dad & his girlfriend out our way to play. It was about a hundred degrees, but we got drinks & snacks to distract from the heat. It was honestly a blast! Can’t wait to go back another time…maybe it’ll be a little cooler (:

Beachside bar

On the way back home from our recent beach trip, we saw this incredible cow statue ^ just had to snap some pics with it! When we were done sun-bathing that day, we had dinner & drinks at this little shack of a restaurant. It was actually really good lol hopefully we can go back with some friends soon. I’m so glad it wasn’t crowded!

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked all the pictures & I hope you’re having a great summer, staying safe, but having fun xo

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