A p0p 0f c0l0ur


I recently made a dream Colourpop purchase of a lot of mauve-centric products, other lippies I’d been eyeing, and of course sneaking over to their sister brand (Fourth Ray) to get some skincare! I’ve been using these goodies randomly over the past few weeks & figured I’d put all the looks together in a post for y’all…

What I got

The skincare I ordered was the Mellow Milk calming mist & Water Fall gentle tonic. I adore them both (and have already ordered more of the toner) & have incorporated them flawlessly into my daily routine! The lip products I chose were a lip pencil in Shot Clock, a lippie stix in Infinite Best, a creme lipstick in Still Crazy, a liquid lip in Lucky Cat, and a lux gloss in Figgy Wit It. They have the best stuff for your lips, def my fave brand to buy from by far! I also snagged the 9-pan palette Making Mauves & a creme liner in Honeydude (:

Fave lip combo

I was bummed that in editing I couldn’t get the color to look like it does in person, but it’s much more muted down than the photos show…like more of a pinky mauve! I used the three “mauvey” colored lippies that were in my bag to create my ultimate lip. I used the liner, then lipstick, then gloss & I swear in person it looks so much better! Nonetheless, I still wanted to show it off (:

Lux liquid lip: Lucky Cat

This one too, the colors are just not true to real life unfortunately ^ this is a much more burnt orange, toned down on the red side…but it felt lovely on the lips. Def not your usual ultra-dehydrating liquid lip!

Lippie stix: Infinite Best

I’ve been searching for this oxblood shade of lippie forever & when they put “best” in the name of this one, they weren’t kidding! Of course…it came out a lot brighter on camera, but I love that it isn’t a dark plum shade. It’s definitely the deepest red I have in my collection + the ease of use of Colourpop’s lippie stix are astounding ❤

Making Mauves eyeshadow palette

Y’all know by now that shades in the purple family are basically all I go for when it comes to shadow. I added, I think, the 4th Colourpop 9-pan palette to my “purples” collection & I love this one just as much as the others…it’s beautiful & the application of their formulas always blows me away. For an amateur like me, it’s almost (dare I say) easy. I’m obsessed with this eye look I just did today ^ I admit, it’s not my best eyeliner job lol but the shadows *chef’s kiss* what do you think?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions in the comments (constructive criticism is also welcome)! I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday xo

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