H0t girl summer


Happy Tooty Tuesday everyone! Welcome to the millionth haul on my blog (not literally, but still). I’ve been rebuilding my wardrobe since the giant purge of 2019 & I wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve picked up in the process. A lot of new styles, experimenting with what I like, and really finding what I want my dream wardrobe to be. I hope you enjoy a look into my July/August shopping bag!

Non-clothing goodies

I saw this personal humidifier on an ad (typical me) & just had to get it ^ I love having ours on at night, but it’s massive & really quite annoying to refill, clean, etc. This one is super simple + it’s portable! Due to the amazing help of WordPress’s own Mandy Cherie, I was able to haul 5 different colored contact lens sets from OLENS, so thank you again Amanda ❤ I’ll be showing each one in my favorites this month, so stay tuned if you’d like to see how they look on me! The third reusable press-on nail company I’ve tried: Marmalade are the black ones I have on in the photo. I like them a lot so far, but it’s definitely a strange change from the long ones I had on previously. While shopping for Justin’s birthday, I stumbled upon some adorable Etsy shops! One was selling Animal Crossing themed stickers & the other, Jibbitz for Crocs. Speaking of which, I picked out my very first pair & I love them! I got the color cantaloupe in the style classic. I know I could’ve categorized shoes as clothes, but I wanted the photos together with the Jibbitz (stick around for my future posts to see how I decorated them). Lastly, I bought a lash set + clear adhesive liner from Lola’s lashes. After absolutely hating the Glamnetic application, I was hopeful for this brand. I’m so glad I ordered them cause not only can I use any previously owned lashes, but the ones I bought with the liner are freaking gorgeous & cherry on top…this is actually super easy to apply! The last photo in the set above is Posh #02 lashes from Sephora on Lola’s adhesive liner ^ by far, my all time favorite falsies (:


So much here & so much more to come! I did mess around buying a few random things from Wish, but they didn’t turn out as bad as I was expecting. Can you guess which pieces they are? Let me know in the comments & I’ll tell you if you’re right lol I also bought a few tops from this “vintage” website that sells hilarious knock-offs of luxury brands like you’d find in one of those Asian street markets. The prices were fair & I honestly love the designs of the ones I chose: dragon baby tee, grey wolf tee, and GUCC tennis sweatshirt (fave). I was surprised by how high quality they are though! I picked up the cutest little striped tee at Target today & the pink in it matches my fuzzy cardigan almost perfectly YAY

I love supporting the YouTubers I watch by purchasing their merch if it’s something I know I’d wear. I bought Haley Pham’s newest set which is the tie-dye two-piece outfit above ^ Sophdoeslife did a collab with Skinnydip, so I copped this lovely little yellow crop top with sun & moon art on it cause y’all know I’m a hoe for that stuff lol and of course my boy Kurtis Conner. I got an oversized tee from his merch store too, but I took photos in the hat I bought along with it…more yellow! I also couldn’t resist this all black bikini from Dippin’ Daisy’s & the Fiorucci bucket hat paired with it is just *chef’s kiss*

That’s the end of this haul, I hope you enjoyed looking through what I’ve picked up recently. I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions if you would like to leave me some comments! Thanks for reading xo

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