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Justin’s birthday is the last day of this month, but I’ve been buying him gifts & giving them to him as they arrive so he has like an entire month of presents for turning 24 this year! The list of what I got him seem to grow daily, but as of right now, 12 items have shown up & there’s 10 more to come. I figured since we’re a little over halfway there…it was the perfect time for a post showing what gifts he’s got so far (:

Food & drink

This feels like a monthly favorites post with that category name, but here’s some of the snacks & other edible items I got for Justin! I also have another 2 sorta-cookbooks coming for him that I had to pre-order, so they won’t arrive in time for his birthday. The ads on my social media really came in clutch to help me pick stuff out to give him. Like the little jelly shots, the macarons, and the boba tea kit. I also found a few adorable Japanese goodies from a website that’s a subsidiary of Japan Crate called Sugoi Mart (: there’s a couple items that’re overpriced, but it’s still a whole lot cheaper than actually going to Japan to get them!


Look at me reusing category names left & right lately lol at the top, you’ll see how I decorated my Crocs with Jibbitz ^ and I got Justin a handful as well, but he’s only added the Lamborghini one to his pair so far. I ordered these adorable frog masks off Instagram so we could shop in style (and safely), the page is @frog.clubcustomdesign if you’re interested! Then I stumbled along these Frog & Toad socks on Etsy… I got a pair for myself too cause who could resist?

Other bits & bobs

I found this tiny radio/Bluetooth speaker that just screamed Justin & he loves it! I picked out the Animal Crossing stickers I knew he’d like from another Etsy shop, got him a refill of his favorite Monq diffuser (happy), and found the coolest wax seal ^ I need to find the little spoon thing to melt the wax, but I got the stamp & even a pen that he can use to color the raised parts (:

Being together is a gift everyday

Just spending quality time with each other really is the best gift, as cheesy as that sounds. The blessing of working together & from home has helped us grow in our relationship so much just because we get to see each other all the time! I know we’re doing the right thing because we still go on dates, so it’s not like we’ll ever fall into such a routine that we feel like roommates or coworkers lol we’re still so very much in love & I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating such a precious person’s life ❤

Happy early birthday, Justin! You are loved & I can’t wait for you to see all the rest of the presents I ordered for you. I hope you all enjoyed reading through & seeing what he’s unwrapped so far this month. Thanks as always for stopping by & supporting this hobby of mine that I really put my whole heart into. It means the world to me xo

Edit ~ fun fact: it’s our 58-month anniversary today! Almost 5 years ^-^

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